By monogamyisalie - 23/07/2015 17:29 - United States

Today, an attractive man hit on me for the first time since I ended my 3-year relationship with my cheating ex. Then the man told me he'd just gotten out of prison last week. FML
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Ramos808 29

I think you should ask him what he did before you judge too quickly! It may be something petty


It seems the law agreed with you.

the fact that he wasn't afraid that she'd judge him and said it anyways was pretty attractive to me

Ramos808 29

I think you should ask him what he did before you judge too quickly! It may be something petty

I agree. I mean the possibility if him being a murderer is unlikely since you go to prison for life for something like that so it could just be a small crime. As crazy as it sounds, a lot of people in jail change, have a good heart and committed a petty crime, or were wrongly accused

Not to mention it doesn't say how long he was in jail. He really could've done a lot of things, dot judge so quickly.

RedPillSucks 31

@50 actually, you don't always go to prison for life for murder. there are several classifications of murder charges, and depending on the circumstances, and the DA, people can get out in under 10 years, especially if they are an informant, etc.

Murder is either first or second degree and even if you get a deal and don't spend the rest of your life in jail, you generally get at least 10 years. On the other hand, manslaughter carries shorter sentences and I've never heard of anyone getting life with it.

Why would he say that to someone he just met?

Maybe he liked her and wanted to be open so that she wouldn't get upset and run away after he got to like her more.

That's still something you should wait to tell someone at least until you're on a date with them. "Hi, you're pretty. I just got out of prison," is not the best way to approach someone.

Sounds like an honest man to me none the less

Usually when you're flirting you strike up a conversation, maybe she asked him about his past and decided to be honest with her?

I'm pretty sure that's not exactly how that conversation went down. You don't really get much chance to explain something in an FML :p

Maybe he was in jail for murdering that pussy. No. foreal, he could be changed for the better, and if you feel any negative vibes, dont sweat it dear. Everyone finds someone eventually.

dirtbikeguy 14

it's almost a guarantee that's what he was in for

Sounds like he paid his debt to society. Everyone deserves a second chance.

1221jamw 11

he might murder you while you sleep but atleast he won't cheat on you

Emiweb 9

He's done the time. You can go to prison for defending yourself or petty things. Don't judge just yet, he hasn't asked you to marry him.