By julian1 - 19/08/2015 11:34 - United States - Orlando

Today, I decided to sunbathe in my backyard in an attempt to be healthy. The result? Insect bites over my body. Somehow, despite being fully clothed the entire time, my scrotum also received several bites. FML
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Sunbathing isn't really healthy. If you need vitamin D, you might as well just go on a walk, walk to the store, go biking or whatever. Sunbathing while laying still is actually quite 'dangerous' (sunburns etc).

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Sunbathing to be healthy? That is like riding a segway instead of taking a car "to be healthy"



Next time, use a bug spray with Deet.

If it were fire ants I would call you fire crotch

"But too much Deet is bad for your skin!!"

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Your "attempt" at being healthy is literally doing nothing and laying in the sun? You deserve it based off of that pompous wording dick head.

are we ignoring the laying out to be healthy remark? Did the sun stop giving us cancer. . .

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I guess we learned the outdoors are bad

Well duh, we invented man caves for a reason

That's it. I'm staying inside permanently.

Make sure it wasn't a spider building her nest down there. It happened to one of my friends. That was a sight to see.

Holy shit, this is terrifying. OP, prepare your matches.

how the bloody hell did that happen?

Wiringify 22

How did you get to see it though?

Sweet lord jesus that is terrifying. It's also in my head as I'm about to go to sleep.

That's ok I don't need to sleep

Can we get a follow up?

Sunbathing isn't really healthy. If you need vitamin D, you might as well just go on a walk, walk to the store, go biking or whatever. Sunbathing while laying still is actually quite 'dangerous' (sunburns etc).

I imagine he meant in comparison to a tanning salon. It's not really healthy, but isn't it supposed to be better?

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If you put on some low SPF sunscreen and you're out from maybe 11-1, it should be fairly healthy. I mean, you can get vitamin D just from supplimenting, but sunbathing like that isn't really dangerous or unhealthy.

My docs always said to go lay in the sun for at least 30 minutes a day for vitamin D. And supplementing vitamin D in pill form can really **** up your liver if you aren't careful. I had to have blood work every 2 weeks when I was prescribed the supplements.

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Nowadays, milk is fortified with vitamin D. There are also foods to eat with vitamin D as well. As fun as tanning and sunbathing is, all dermatologists will tell you that there's no safe way to tan. When your skin gets damaged by the sun, it produces vitamin D.

15 minutes a day will get you your daily amount of vitamin D. supplements and milk aren't the best ways to get it since it's better to be absorbed by the skin. just use bug spray next time.

Just to point out that skin produces vitamin D even when it's not damaged.

Being out in the sun between 11 and 1 is the most dangerous, as the sun is strongest between 11 and 3. Don't sit in the sun, it just makes it worse. You can also be in the shade and still get some of the benefits.

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#45, if your skin does produce vitamin D without sunlight, it doesn't produce nearly enough. people get sick in the winter for more reasons than "it's cold".

Solution: Light yourself on fire. The bugs will stay away from the flame and you'll only be left with a few burns

Right? I mean you were going to get sunburnt anyway...

I guess the bugs were hungry for some nuts...

Now if only girls were that hungry for nuts. ;). Haha

That must be bugging you.

Sunbathing fully clothed? Not sure what you're trying to accomplish here.

I think he was referring to his man parts being fully covered. I wondered this too though.

Asking the real questions

I use avon skin so soft to keep the bugs away because it smells good and keeps me looking young

Not being old enough to drive keeps you looking young, too. lol

But he's 34...

So I guess the cream is working huh?