Too little, too late

By ragsy - 14/08/2009 16:54 - United States

Today, I finally went to Home Depot to buy a chainsaw to cut down the tree leaning dangerously over my garage. When I got home, I found the tree had fallen and taken out the roof while I was shopping. FML
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guess its back to home depot for you ..

athiest_pope 0

is the tree ok??


karahxxx 0

ouch. FYL

If houses could say ouch. Lol at you though. ^^

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Third (On the list of comments mine looks like it is third)

Your actually 15th. LolFail

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thats what procrastination gets you i guess

37, your comment is a perfect reply to number 15

Lol you're the fail. It's you're, not your!

82, you're the fail here.

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Timberrrrr no seriously FYL

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I wonder how a tree just randomly falls down.. OP- didnt you notice that its at the brink of breaking off, seriously if the tree was huge then im prety sure it will be sturdy. If its just a thin tree and it fell on your roof then I guess it wouldnt do much damage on your roof. OBVIOUSLY FAKE.

lmmmr 0

Gravity. Are you 12?

timeoffire45 8

Actually, I had something like this happen when I was younger, except the tree didn't hit our house: it almost fell on my little brother. Trees can rot on the inside and just one day break loose and fall; it doesn't even take a particularly strong gust of wind if the internal damage is bad enough. Sounds plausible to me, imho, especially if the OP had noticed the tree was leaning and had decided to do something about it at last, but it was just a second too late. OP: FYL. Now that's what I call a healthy dose of irony; unhealthy if you're the roof, obviously. xD

guess its back to home depot for you ..

but now he has a chainsaw laying around. don't try to take that from him haha

wow, thats shitty. but mother nature gets the last laugh eh? X)

athiest_pope 0

is the tree ok??

That sucks, but this put a smile on my face.

M13LO 0

Ya really, is the tree ok?!?

I have to say YDI for "finally" getting around to it. At least your car wasn't in it

Kick the tree in the face, that's what I would do, stupid tree