By Anonymous - 20/03/2012 11:57 - United Kingdom - Sheffield

Today, instead of waking up to soft sunlight creeping in the window or the gentle trill of birds, I was awakened by the sound of my dog vomiting all over my bed. FML
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Be glad the dog wasn't puking on your face

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Not to self: stop reading fmls while eating.


be glad it wasn't the smell that woke you

beccaishereyay 11

I'm pretty sure he smelled it when he woke up anyway haha. Waking up to puke through any of your senses is not a good way to start your morning!

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Well, it's not possible to smell when your asleep, your brain shuts off that sense until you wake up.

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Well, it's not possible to smell when your asleep, your brain shuts off that sense until you wake up.

beccaishereyay 11

So how do you explain people using smelling salts when trying to wake someone who has passed out. Or people who wake up during house fires without smoke alarms. Haven't you ever even waken up to the smell of bacon in the morning?? Poor people like you who can't smell in their sleep are missing out!

It was the sound of the dog I assume the dog must have been retching pretty hard. Poor doggy :(

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True, obviously your brain can detect thick clouds of ash that your breathing in your lungs. I ment still smells like dust, smelly laundry or whatever you have in your room that you breathe in, the only reason you know you smelt bacon is because your acutely awake, not when your asleep

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It is an irritant to the inside of your nose. You don't "smell" things, only react to irritants! Ask your local fireman!

Why are we talking about smells? Hasn't it been established that it was the sound of the vomiting, because you know, that's what the OP said?

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I bet the dog was like "Clean it up, you dirty peasant!" Don't ask me why I said that.

why would you set that on your phone as an alarm to wake up to I mean, weird

#60 - Why did you say that?

^I don't care if I get voted down, that was hilarious

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Count ur blessings u didn't wake up to doggy diarrhea in ur bed gaurantee way worse

beccaishereyay 11

well since new vomit is not a "still smell" your comment is till pointless

beccaishereyay 11

I also notice that you googled this, found practically the ONLY theory that said that smelling in your sleep is impossible, then copied and pasted the answer (from answerbag) to sound like you know what your talking about. I also googled this and found that you CAN smell in your sleep but may not be aware that you are in fact smelling. Obviously you will realize it when you wake up to it.

My dog did that to my sister and my parents. so I was lucky but not to much my family members.

Be glad the dog wasn't puking on your face

Get back at him by throwing up on his bed!

41- Breakfast in bed for everyone? No need to waste leftovers.

No waste they just gotta fry the puke and eat it again thats what i do when im still hungry after a meal.

My dog peed on my face while I was asleep.

shanemaximo 7

There are still worse things to wake up to. Like sudden rape. Sudden rape is much, much worse.

In that case... Dirty mouth? Clean it up with... Nah even Orbits couldn't help that situation.

Your avatar looks like aPenis...

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It made him mourning breakfast... Enjoy!

I doubt a mourning breakfast should be enjoyable.

I doubt a mourning breakfast should be enjoyable.

shanemaximo 7

There are much worse ways to wake up. Like sudden rape. Yep... Sudden rape is much, much worse.

Not really I just had the exact same thing happen to me yesterday. You cant go back to sleep woth no sheets or blankets. So I got up and shoveled snow for 4 hour before school.

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Those are the times I'm not too fond of my dogs. :-p

At least it was just the *sound* of the dog vomiting and not the actual vomiting. I'm just curious why you would record that sound and use it as an alarm. Whatever it takes to get you out of bed in the morning, I suppose.

I prefer the sound of my son cooing in his crib but to each his own I guess.

Haha that was such a "dad joke", Doc.

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Not to self: stop reading fmls while eating.

Thanks for the advice but why won't you let it be for yourself too?

*Note* -- come get me grammer Nazi's..........

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D'oh stupid typo. Note*

That sick son of a bitch.

Nice choice of words...

Hey, at least it didn't vomit on your face.

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I wonder if that's what 2 said.

At least you didn't wake up to your dog going to mcpound town on your pillow.

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I can only imagine how loud it must've been if it was able to wake you up, OP. Even if you're a light sleeper it would still have to be pretty loud.