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Today, two drop dead gorgeous Australians asked me for directions. Being so shocked by their beauty and accents, I couldn't get words out of my mouth. The one said to the other "Nope she doesn't speak English", then walked away. FML
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This is still a better love story than twilight.


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That happens to me from just seeing Australia on a map.

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This would be a perfect opportunity for marinus to come back and make a comment

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What happens in Australia that makes the people there so hot?

The girls are tan and really hot. Plus they have that cute accent.

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Agreed. Any Aussies out there wanna explain why you're so gorgeous??

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Why are people thumbing us down? We just know how to appreciate the finer things in life... I guess haters gonna hate.

The sun must be what makes them so hot...

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Australia has dangers ranging from giant jellyfish to territorial, but hard to see snakes, to exploding trees. Yes, really, exploding trees.

Being Australian, I'd say I'm in a position to explain this. Aussies love our sport and sun. That's what keeps us fit. Aussies don't much in life seriously so we're always up for a laugh. Also for some reason saying 'g'day mate' to foreigners makes them love us.

blackheart24 10

109- That makes sense. Do you guys have a shitload of junk food like we do in the states?

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we don't have half as much junk food as USA does, and it's mostly not available 24hrs and it's much more expensive than your junk food

Us Australians are sexy! I guess it just comes naturally. ;)

Not to mention that you could die from just sitting on the toilet

I'm Australian and it still blows my mind that Americans/Canadians think our accent is hot! It's true though, that we have a much more laid back culture and a lot less junk food available to us. Can't confirm the exploding trees but we do have Drop Bears.

blackheart24 10

Do you guys think American accents are hot?

I'm from Australia and half the people I know are total bogans lol

I'm from New Zealand and we're better at rugby than you. :)

For everyone who wants to see Aussie girls at their best/worst depending on your tastes, search "Super Soaker" by Bombs Away on YouTube.

I'm Australian so I can say, no, not really. I am planning to go to USA some time soon, with an Aussie tan and accent what is my chance of getting a root? Aha

I'm from america where we speak American :)

85 im australian and im definately not hot

Woo go us Aussies !! But I am very excited to make my way to the U S of A very soon with my tanned skin and super skinny body =| haha

kirt_82 4

The American accent is definitely in my top 5 accents that make me weak in the knees :D I think our Aussie accent sounds so weird!

The last time I spoke to an Aussie, I could barely look at him in the eyes. Aussie accent is definitely my top two along with NZ accent. Something about it is just so sexy. If an Aussie boy is a 5/10, with his accent, he automatically goes up to at a 7. just saying.... :P

Totally agree with the accent getting okay looking guys into the 'hot' category, being British my top two accents are American and Australian, I don't understand how there are single guys in USA and australia with such great accents :/

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Nah no junk food here. Just a fish and chip shop owned by Jim.

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A 1 in a million chance to meet a decent looking Australian!!!

I'm Australian and the British accent is my fave :) I don't understand though why people assume we're all tanned and skinny and hot... I'm pale as a Cullen and haven't worn a bikini since I was like 12.

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It does, doesn't it? It should be on FML or something...

Captain obvious = immediate thumbs down

Luckily Lieutenant Sarcasm (aka 44) is here

To every commentor and any one who stumbles upon this comment, to save you from embarrasement, before you comment something typical, OP is a girl!

Smooth move buddy. Haha. But FYL. But Australian accents are very nice. I love them.

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My Aussie friend's accent sounds brittish

Yay Rolls Royce Phantom! Oh and the reason they sound British is because Australia was founded by exiled British prisoners.

Not just a rolls Royce phantom. It's the phantom drop head coupe!

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Don't worry OP, you aren't the only one that gets dumbfounded when you hear our accent. I asked a man for the time when I was in LA and he looked at me as if I was speaking alien. Took him a few minutes to blurt out "I think it's 7.." lol

peachesncreem 21

Don't worry OP, you aren't the only one that gets dumbfounded when you hear our accent. I asked a man for the time when I was in LA and he looked at me as if I was speaking alien. Took him a few minutes to blurt out "I think it's 7.." lol

We Australians are pretty sexy, just putting it out there.

141/142 - I don't blame him. If you asked me that question I could only hope to answer with something as smooth as "Tuesday" then stupidly stand there.

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I could see anybody in this situation.

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I know this is off topic, but AvA is the shit!

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It is my favorite band of all time. Thank you

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I could definaetly see myself in this position. I'm already somewhat awkward... Add in some sexy Austrailians.... Yeah, it wouldn't end well-_-

@#187 your pic goes great with the new friendship that was just formed above you lol

This is still a better love story than twilight.

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ANY story is better than twilight story.

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My dog humping his blanket is a better love story than twilight.

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And this saying is used too much for love stories.

Yeah his blanket doesn't have an expression. No expressions better than Gormless' and Square-Head's ones.

Hey people that find this later: post something funny here so everyone can see it =}

Damn you and your 13 million points in temple run!! I've only got 5 million.

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I have 8 million lol but also i stopped playing

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There is nothing funny on this thread. Shut up. All of you.

No one else noticed that he was called a "she" at the end by the girls as they walked away?

No one said the drop dead gorgeous australians were girls. They were most likely guys and she was the girl.

Yeah, the Aussie's were most likely male. I thought that they were girls up until the 'she' part. Something about the word beauty points to women. OP should have said handsome. Unless she's into that sort of thing.

The language used and the fact that Aussie guys rarely ask for directions indicates that the OPer is a guy.

Buttttt the name of the OP obviously shows that she is a girl. So yes I am an idiot

I donno... Have you ever heard someone call a man "drop dead gorgeous"?

OP's name is Jenna and they said she. Plus a guy would not say two guys are drop dead gorgeous. You can say it about guys if you're a girl though.

rallets 22

..cause theres no such thing as gays or lesbians...

Also beauty who calls a guy beautiful? Yeah 38's right OP probably ain't straight.

Who said she had to be gay if the Aussies were females. She could have just been so shocked, that's all.

No, when most girls see a really hot guy, we will call him gorgeous.

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There nothing wrong calling a very hot handsome guy drop dead gorgeous.....

Maybe she's lesbian? It's no ones business .

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Learn to interpret things. Use context clues.