By dumb tourists - 31/03/2013 06:19 - China - Beijing

Today, a blonde tourist came up to me and asked me for directions to the nearest train station. I politely directed her there, and she left. Five minutes later, she came back and slapped me for not bringing her to an "English-speaking station". We're in China, lady. FML
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Kudos to her for tracking you down just to give you a slap.

"Today, a blonde tourist.." I expected something like this to happen


Ultimate_No 7

You should look up "irony" in the dictionary.

zero4life123 7

Well china is starting to become the number one English speaking country in the world.

shyeahh_fml 19

If I'm not mistaken, 21 is correct, but China is only the number one English-speaking country in the world because China's population is roughly 1.2 billion. They can have the most English speakers with far less than half of the population speaking English.

Actually that's pretty ironic. The BLONDE tourist.

But do you expect to go a foreign country in East Asia and expect everyone to speak English? She's stupid enough to not set her mentality to something like "I'm in China, perhaps they speak mostly Chinese" in contrast to "I know English and everyone should fucken know it too."

107- That would be a coincidence. Irony would be if it were an Asian tourist

He meant the irony of her being blonde... Lol jeez

... How is that ironic? Do you even know what irony means?

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

The irony of her being blonde? WHAT? How is her being blonde even... WHAT?

Honestly, Slap her the **** back, you said you were in China right?

Lol it is ironic that she's blonde and would make such a stupid...statement. I'm not saying blondes in general are stupid. It's just that according to the jokes and stereotypes...they are make such....statements.

Yeah, but... THAT'S NOT IRONY. Look it up! Also, cool it with the ellipses.

people can be so stupid sometimes, they don't use their brain

TheCutestLizard 28

#5 Wow, so original. You must be so proud of coming up with that all by yourself.

So...some stupid people still do use their brain? o_O

Wow, I'm surprised people still get butthurt about blonde jokes, how original of you

KingCeltic77 18

She doesnt need to use her brain, she needs to use a train! AHA! I'll be here all week.

TheCutestLizard 28

#52 and #64 Since you two know all about it, would you like to share with us what "butt hurt" feels like?

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And Americans wonder why the rest of the world hates them

Rebi3144 8

Oh no, we know why we're hated. But trust me, we're not all like the blonde chick in the story. So please be kind, and don't generalize all Americans off of one idiot.

Ok 24 theres afew things wrong with your statement. 1- no one said OP was American. 2- we dont have a problem with Americans down here in Australia. 3- you stated on your profile you live in SOUTH CAROLINA, which is just incase you didnt know in the United States of America. So instead of giving your home country the big bag, why not try and make a difference?

The blonde chick could have been British or Irish (those are the English-speaking places that spring to mind right now). Maybe we shouldn't immediately jump on the "I hate Americans" bandwagon. Plus, how can people hate Americans? Unless you've met all of them, it's a bit weird to just hate them for no real reason. I wouldn't like to think I was immediately hated because of where I'm from.

This hating Americans shit is getting real old. Every nation has idiots.

ise3 10

I haven't met many non-American idiot tourists. Not saying that all americans are idiots, just that idiot tourists tend to be american.

The reason non American idiots stay in their own country is because their nations don't let them leave

Kudos to her for tracking you down just to give you a slap.

Apparently OP is the only thing the tourist can find in all of China.

90, out of millions of ppl she could find in that city, I guess she really wanted to slap OP in the beginning, lol

bamagrl410 31

I'm more surprised that she had the audacity to slap a native in a foreign country. That's incredibly rude.

153, I'm sure slapping anyone, whether native or not is rude in any country.

"Today, a blonde tourist.." I expected something like this to happen

Redoxx_fml 22

Reminds me of a mission from Sleeping Dogs

Oh, wow. Her brain must be a trainwreck.

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I always defend Americans as not dumb but some people just prove me wrong.

I had no idea that only Americans speak English. Thanks for proving me wrong and teaching me something.

Thats fantastic 9. Your a top bloke. Every American needs a hero, wearing his sisters sunnies to defend them from hurt feelings. By the way, no one said anything about OP being american. And theres tons of stupid english speaking people all over the world.

Being from the UK, I'm guessing if it was someone from here they would have just moaned. Moaned all day.

37 This is true - I have made some of my best friends by us complaining about the same things :P

美国的游客都很笨。 Edit: wow did that actually work?

"American tourists are stupid" Google translate bud :)

I'm surprised Google Translate didn't give you a result more to the tune of "Stupid are tourists American".

sutianneli 13

金发的一个个笨的跟狗一样( ̄▽ ̄) Haha awesome to see a fellow Chinese on the site~ :) and how in the world did she track OP down in Beijing? Of all the Asian faces, you'd wonder if she was a true blond or a golden retriever... 0.0

xcountrygirlx 8

and this is why that she shouldn't have gone to a country where she didn't know how to speak the language.

Are you an idiot? Are you not allowed to visit a country if you don't speak their native language?

xcountrygirlx 8

Yes, I am an idiot. Why go somewhere if you don't have a basic understanding of the language?

summerguy97 16

For to be able to have a great experience! You can bring a English to whatever language dictionary, or hire a translator, you twat.

Blonde chick could have had a guide, or been a part of a group that DOES speak the language, and just gotten separated.

Not knowing how to speak a language if you're a tourist is fine (after all, who's going to learn an ENTIRE language just to visit a country for a week or two). But expecting to not come across difficulties or a language-barrier is just pure stupidity. The lady in the FML is the latter.

xStaciexLynnx 15

I think you need an English to English translator because that was terrible grammar.

44 - So you expect me to learn Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian when I go on my culture tour in a few years? What the eff are you smoking?

jogihoppa8343 23

44: for an instance lets assume that you are in a serious trouble or may be suffering from some disease and it can only be cured in a particular place and you dont know to speak their local language... how would you handle that situation??

@44 do think of the people don't speak English, or those who speak only minority languages.

Evilplatypus can I come with you to Japan, please please pretty please?!?

It's freaking CHINA. I mean, no offense to Chinese people, but that language is bitch!

#31 If you're going to slap people who don't provide you with an English-speaking experience, then no, you're not.

#88 don't you think you'd be well-advised to know at least some key phrases in those languages by then? No-one expects fluency, but to rely on other people to speak your language in their country is kind of ignorant.

She should never leave her own country in the first place

This is the story of Canada. Half the people who live here cannot speak the national language, never mind the tourists.

149 - Canada speaks English, Quebec speaks French. Pretend they are two entirely different countries. Seriously, it'll make more sense if you do.

156-Canada has two official languages, I am not confused. This does not change the fact that half the people here do not speak either.