By Debra - United States - Bloomington
Today, I had the class clown of my preschoolers oversleep our daily 15-minute nap. Not wanting to spare any more class time on his disrupting jokes, I let the headache sleep. After another 10 minutes we called an ambulance. He had a stroke. FML
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By  indienerdgirl  |  27

You had no way of knowing. I'd assume this happens so rarely with young kids especially his age. I hope you're not blaming yourself because any teacher might've done the same with a class clown just to have a few minutes of peace. Please update us on what happened!

By  Seeya55  |  31

DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. At all, There's NO WAY you could have known. Good on you for checking after 10 minutes though. Take it easy on yourself. My sons preschool teacher lets mine sleep a bit extra too if they don't wake with the hustle of the classroom waking. Its absolutely normal!