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Today, two American guys attacked me for not speaking their language. I'm from England, and they said I'm speaking my own language wrong. FML
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jsprackman 11

Im American and we can be pretty ignorant sometimes...

Like Americans know their own language :D :D If anything ever was an oxymoron...


Like Americans know their own language :D :D If anything ever was an oxymoron...

lakaiskate 12

I know, but the truth often is rude. And so are a lot of Americans, as you can see from OP's message. Oh, and btw... Seeing that your message will be buried any time now, I think more people agree with me than they do with you ;)

UK vs US is brewing on this page. Hide yo children!

This might be kinda random but i was doing research on homicides in Canada and the UK yesterday and just noticed, for the biggest country on Earth, Canada is 35th for population xD yet they say we dont need immigrants. (UK is 15th, US is 3th)

My apologies :D i was just adding 'th' after each number. Must've missed that.

YDI for saying that it's your language that's like an African saying your speaking my language wrong because language originated in africa same with society's so maybe they could say your doing society wrong. So stfu stop bitching yes it was rude of them well too bad princess their are dumb people in the world and by your FML I see you as one of them

Canada isnt the biggest country om earth, Russia is, do some more research

Just like an American, proud and defensive of something we don't even know.

jsprackman 11

Im American and we can be pretty ignorant sometimes...

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I'm also American, and yeah a lot of times we are.. But they're some good people out there.

Idk, the ignorance levels vary by where you live, that's what all these Europeans don't understand. It's a population of 312 million you can't Judge the entire population off of an FML post or what you see on BBC. America is a great country, don't get me wrong there are some major dicks here, but it's an amazing country nonetheless.

Torva_fml 16

46: Tldr; don't judge the majority according to your view on a minority.

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Don't most people from England speak English? How would you type this if you don't...

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They sound different and some words mean other things like a fag there is a bundle of sticks and there's many more so yea

Are you really that stupid or what? Yes OP speaks English, but two stupid Americans attacked him because they thought that he was speaking English incorrectly. They probably thought that because of OP's accent.

They were the real grammar nazis That's ****** up op

bigtaytay 13

Were u in Mississippi or Alabama? It makes a lot more sense if that was the case

AmericanRedcoat 6

They're probably the type of people that run around saying that they speak "Amerrrrrcan".

somerandomdude19 2

How log until the comments become closed due to the America versus England war? Any bets.....