By lostforwords - Ireland
Today, I found out that my German wasn't as great as I thought it was. Trying to give directions to some German tourists, I tried to say, "I hope I don't get you lost." Turns out I actually said something closer to, "I hope I don't seduce you." FML
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  genesisnirvana  |  11

I hope i don't get you lost"Ich hoffe, dass ich dich nicht verloren"
I hope I don't seduce you "Ich hoffe, dass ich nicht verführen"
They're kind of closel

  dave04045  |  1

32 - That isn't how you say that in German. Verloren is a verb that implies a physical object being lost. (google translate sucks FYI). In reality, the two sentences are very different from eachother. Your first sentence means - I hope I don't lose you

  Susieee_Q  |  9

I bet they knew what you were really trying to say, so don't sweat it too much. I applaud you for at least having the courage to communicate with them, though. More than I would have done.

  AustrianChaos  |  3

I'm sorry, but that's not German. Sounds more like an old Babelfish translation.

I hope you don't get lost: Ich hoffe, dass Sie sich nicht verirren.
I hope I don't seduce you: Ich hoffe, dass ich Sie nicht verführe.

Anyways, I don't think they were offended or anything, they probably just had a good laugh.

  yoursucklives  |  36

austrian chaos: zerst amoi hallo!
und: he didn't say "i hope you don't get lost" but "i hope i don't get you lost!"

auf jedn foi: schene grüße aus oö ;)

  achsi  |  1

actually "I hope you dont get lost" is in german "Ich hoffe dass ihr euch nicht verläuft"
and "I hope I dont seduce you" would be "Ich hoffe dass ich sie nicht verführe"
theyre not that close...


"Oopsies, I dropped my pen, hope you don't mind if I bend over and pick it up."

Weird guy-"Not at all, pick it up for me nice and slow."

"Okay, I hope I don't seduce you"

Seems pretty logical to me. Then again, I am a socially inept loser and the only sexual contact I've ever had was when I was drunk with my cousin.

Wait a second, I'm not from Arkansas!

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Really? I'm sorry, are you fluent in German? It's a bloody difficult language to learn. They have very different language rules, and way more words that you not only have to learn the meanings of, but also the differences in the meanings of similar words, and when to use which one. So don't just say "know what you're saying" because it's really not that simple with German.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

117- Obviously it would be easier if a) you were younger, and b) you moved there. I'm talking about trying to learn it on your own, as an adult, in an English - or any non German - speaking country. Much harder.