By justcomesnaturally - 04/11/2012 00:37 - United States - Danby

Today, I realized that I'm a terrible human being. For the first time in my life, I gave some change to a homeless guy, but only so he'd get out of my face long enough for me to watch two other bums beating the crap out of each other over a sandwich. FML
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1- No judgement, seriously? OP only gave money so she could watch homeless people battle it out; there should be negative judgement, and lots of it.

22- 1 was likely referring to OP having no judgement, and not that OP should receive no judgement.

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24- #1 said "no judgement here". In my experience, that means the person saying the phrase is not passing judgement.

Eh, I guess your experience is different than mine. Maybe I'm just the odd one out.

Why should op be negatively judged? People pay money to watch people fight all the time. they even bet on who will win...

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46- That's a lot different. Those fights are fought by people who do that for a living.

Bums kinda do it for a living too. They prefer to result to violence over reason. I have a coworker that ended up in a fight with a bum because he wouldn't "give him a f*cking smoke" an the bum got aggressive.

I believe you meant "resort to violence" there, yes?

Why should there be judgement. WHY THE **** DOES IT MATTER WHY HE GAVE MONEY??? HE GAVE MONEY!!! WHO THE **** CARES WHY!!! Rich people give to charities for tax breaks. Yet no one seems to care. They all are like. Wow such nice people!

52 - They don't fight for a living they fight for work. The bums very well could have been fighting to continue living... Either way, I don't see why the OP should be judged. She didn't pay for them TO fight. Just to get another bum away so she could continue watching.

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Now if she regulated the bum fights and applied for proper licensing, that'd be different. Then they'd get paid AND we'd be entertained.

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Asshat is becoming popular lately.

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How about ass master 9000? Oh wait that's a completely different subject...

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Hey, at least she admits she's an asshole. That's better than most assholes who don't even know or won't admit they are being assholes.

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95- not until today, when i saw your comment.

you, brother, is the most unexpected philanthropist to me.

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You are a great human for giving money. Just not prepared for several bums beating each other up...

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Did you even read the FML? OP gave money so she could watch the fight- it wasn't unexpected.

#21 what you expect from some one with a picture of Snooki?

That's what a Snooki looks like? I thought it was some deformed oompa loompa...

Well he could have yelled at the other bum to get out of the way as opposed to giving him change.

And at the end of their About Me it reads: "Jersey Shore bitches!"

Leave OP alone, it was probably a little bit frightening.

They fought with expert timing, though.

C-c-c-c-c-c-c-****. Sorry, my tourettes got the better of me. No combo breaker today :'(

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finding the problem is a start! now go fix your personality!

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There nothing wrong with trying to watch two bums fight over a sandwich, don't be such a stuck up bitch at least op gave money

The real question here: What kind of sandwich was it?

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Peanut butter jelly time!!! :D

It doesn't matter they're bums any sandwich is worth fighting for. Bums love sandwiches.

Burning sand, which I threw into your eyes.

Get that bum a sandwich. Bums love sandwiches

83) Your picture scares Slenderman and Freddy Krueger.

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You should of taken the sandwich and given it to your boyfriend the next time he asked you to make him one

you gave him money. Thats always a plus:)

Not when you're paying off his dignity.

I have job applications I hand out to the homeless whenever they ask me for money.

Sounds like the right idea but you can't get a job if you have no address and can't afford clothes for the interview.

63 you can't pay for a sandwich with a job application. That's just silly.

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My friend in D.C. started a homeless newspaper. They write stories about local goings-on and such, she prints them up, the homeless sell them and keep most of the profits (the rest goes to materials). The homeless get paid for their efforts and the people of D.C. stay well informed.. Everybody wins! But she's like the ultimate brilliant do-gooder and I don't know a lot of other people willing to put that kind of effort into something that gets them nothing.. So the search for the hobo solution continues...

We have that in the UK, it's called the Big Issue. It's not perfect but the magazine will only allow homeless people to sell it once they've proved they're clean of any drugs or alcohol, which is positive.

8- not in South Park! If you give a homeless guy change, he totally forgets he has it! They live off the change, but never realize they have it.

Oh my god. What is wrong with you?! Lol