By WhoNose - / Sunday 6 November 2016 23:52 /
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By  redcode5  |  17

Get a Hammer and break it, then go can buy a better one with a removable battery. There are some good ones that are like 20-30 bucks.

By  ChristinePi  |  36

If it's going off for no reason that's means the battery is dying most likely. I had that happen to me a couple years ago. It was 11PM and I lived in a place with high ceilings. Luckily I lived above a deli who used their ladder to take out the battery so it wouldn't go off all night.

By  kozuu  |  7

I had one of those once, the trick to shutting it off is to gently place it on the ground and then stomp it until it looks like someone murdered a small robot.

By  vegantreegirl  |  26

I feel your pain. One time a snake got in the house and my cat was trying to inspect it, but was freaked by it. I ran to pick her up, because I wasn't sure if it was venomous. When I picked her up she thought she was being attacked from behind and freaked out and scratched me up. She's normally very mellow and sweet.

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