By NoNaMe - 04/06/2009 08:07 - Australia

Today, while walking down the street, a homeless man walked up to me. He opened his mouth to say something and I immediately said that I didn't have any spare change because I was late for work. He then said "I was gonna ask you for the time, dickwad". Apparently he wasn't homeless. FML
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**** that guys life... jeez, that must've been awkward

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seriously. pressumptuous dick.

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you spelled douche wrong bro

**** that guys life... jeez, that must've been awkward

If he smelled bad anyone could have mistaken. No probs

You should live in Detroit. You'd never make that mistake. Here, everyone's homeless. Or at least begging for change.

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It's a risk you had to take. When I worked downtown I developed an uncanny ability to put on my ipod and zone out anybody and everybody who tried to talk to me.

Hahaha. Don't dress like some scrub then!

Should've said "It's time for you to take a shower!"

Awkward & he wanted 2 beat da crap outta u...I know I would lol