By Anonymous - 23/07/2016 18:36 - United States - Ridgewood

Today, I saw a homeless man on the street and decided to give him the dollar bill I had left in my wallet. He said "Thank you" then as I turned to walk away, he muttered "Cheap-ass cunt". FML
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Ruskiy_Cherep 18

Some people are just plain ungrateful smh


Ruskiy_Cherep 18

Was literally my first reaction too. To go back and say "well if you don't want it" and take it back.

Some people are just plain ungrateful smh

I had a person approach me in the street one time saying he was raising money to pay for his brother's funeral and needed $65 more. I handed him $5 and he rejected it saying $10 is minimum.

Apparently that particular one would disagree.

Honestly my experience is that they are and they will be. I saw a man with a dog outside a shopping centre asking for money to buy food for both of them. It was Christmas and I'd just wiped out my savings buying the last of my gifts but I gave him the rest of the coins I had in my purse, which amounted to just over £7. He picked through it, sneered at me and called me a 'patronising bitch' for only giving him change when I 'could clearly afford more judging by my shopping bags'. Buskers on the other hand, I have always found to be grateful for whatever you give them.

The distinction is probably due to the fact that buskers usually work for the money, whereas bums just expect you to give it to them out of sympathy.

Turn around and take your dollar back op! It's the best way for him to learn!

Did you happen to offer him menthols in the past as well?

You did a good thing. Too bad the ashore wasn't appreciative enough. Maybe he had a rough day and was taking out his anger on it. or maybe he's just an asshole. Good deeds don't go unnoticed though. :)

species4872 19

Your lucky he didn't slap you around with his cane.

Don't know why you're getting down voted

species4872 19

Because they lack a sense of humor.

Or they didn't read the previous FML where someone was abused by an elderly lady he was trying to help.

Nah, its because that FML doesn't really compare to this one. Old lady caning someone ≠ homeless guy being a prick.

polsen4273 8

Nothing good ever happens when you give something for nothing

Wow, that's a gross generalization if I've ever seen one.

And you're a good example of why this world is quickly going to hell.

Should've taken a line from the movie Liar Liar. "Could you spare a dollar?" "Yes i could, but I'm cheap!"