By Chris - 02/02/2010 05:40 - France

Today, the windows on my car were frozen. I filled up a bucket of hot water, and threw it on the windows. The windows cracked. FML
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#8 - It's the sudden temperature change that caused the cracks, not the heat. Glass is made in extremely hot temperatures, so withstanding any heat that the OP could have caused is not an issue. OP, when you suddenly and drastically change the temperature of the glass, cracking is inevitable. This is why it's also a good idea to rinse glasses with hot water before putting boiling liquids in them.


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why are all the FMLs coming from this area of France??

People are that retarded. My ex-in-laws were from GA and they used BOILING water. They offered to do it to my car. I had my car thawed and scraped before their water even started to boil. How they never cracked a window is beyond me. Their logic was because it wasn't as cold consistently down there it wasn't as much of a shock. I gave up trying to explain that frozen is frozen and boiling is boiling no matter your relation to the Mason-Dixon line.

#13 i think that area of france is the default location if the OP doesnt state it and its a pretty damn stupid thing to do, but why does everything stupid have to be called fake, 6.8 billion people in the world some of them are gonna be stupid or just make stupid mistakes, if they didnt there'd be a lot less fml's in the world

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Because French people are stupid, thus stupid FMLs are assumed to be from that shit country.

...yeah. A heavy douche. Why the hell do you assume French people are stupid?

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Are you telling me that people don't assume all Americans are fat retards?

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#13 maybe also because if anyone puts america everyone jusy jumps down their throat saying stupid americans. even if it wasnt their fault

even I know not to do that an I'm only 13

finally a retard that puts this up, im french and im pretty sure im smarter than u dumbass

I've noticed that as well. Must be some default setting.

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Do the people on this site not know that the people who created this site are French? All of them! Look to the right of the screen: Maxime VALETTE, Guillaume PASSAGLIA, Didier GUEDJ...

This argument might have been more convincing had you taken the time to use proper grammar and punctuation.

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I've been to France, I used to live there. They are stupid. Americans are too, don't get me wrong, but as a whole French were just lacking common sense. Maybe that's why in WWII they built a giant wall to stop the Germans and then watched as they flew right over it... And took over the country in a few weeks.

Don't forget all of the Eastern Europeans. Now they lack common sense.

...I am not a fat retard. only 80% of americans qualify. I think.

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YDI for throwing a bucket at your window.

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If the window is cold and you throw hot water on it the water heats that side of the window up very quickly, which also causes it to expand. Since the other side of the window is still cold and not expanded, the window basically destroys itself.

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@ Blue Coconuts: Germany took over France in!!! Yet somehow at the end of the war Germany was pretty much destroyed and signed the ECCS Treaty in order to receive money from Italy, Luxembourg, The Nethelands, Belgium and.....FRANCE! Open a history book every once in a while!

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there seems to be a large area of life ******* indeed

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Why does it matter that their from Georgia?


Yeah, the first names sound more French than the

exactly #146 but he says americans and the french are dumb.

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I did something similar but with a glass fresh outta the washer and cold milk. split the cup in half

YOU'RE the douche, you Francophobe a-hole.

i think perhaps the french were watching too much monty python when they came up with building a giant wall

Anericans r the dominant race but aulstralians r cool 2

rule #5... you're an idiot. And Germans signed the treaty cause America kicked their ass

All french guys are gay sandal wearing ****** douche ******* who take pictures of themselves in their little groups like chicks.

Oh and France sucks at war, adding even more pussiness to their already pussified country.

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It's actually because the people who made FML are French.

No matter where you're from, people are fat retards. Let's not discriminate.

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the only reason that Germany wasn't successful was because the US got involved

211: That's part of it. A lot of it is that Germany invaded Russia while fighting Britain, plunging itself into a two front war.

its not the fact that its water. if you have a really cold glass, and you pour hot liquid in it, it will crack. the instant heat shocks it because it doesnt have time to expand gradually.

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i like how post #3 is this far down the list

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Wow OP. That damn stupid. I don't own a car yet and I know not to dump hot water on a frozen windshield.

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Actually, it's best to use cool or cold water. Even warm water can cause cracking.

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I've used warm water to great success before, but maybe that's just me being a lucky bastard.

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and it's hilarious that you think you should use water at all the warm water will do the same thing it needs to be cold water or 3 part alcohol 1 part water or any of the antifreeze sprays or just use your car's defroster

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Most people learn that rule when theyre 7 or so.

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um... i didnt know that and im 15...?

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You, my fellow poster, are an imbecile. I learned that stuff in my first grade science class.

I didnt know that until a couple years ago it doesnt snow where I live/grew up. maybe op is the same

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daahh i couldve told u that its only common sense

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Perhaps you meant, can't hold heat very well? Calling someone else stupid using poor grammar is just plain moronic.

lmao! I want to be an English teacher and I was thinking the very same thing right before I read yours. NICE!

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Trust me - be prepared to master the art of the facepalm. You'll need it. Ohhh boy, will you ever need it.

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I'm pretty sure it's the fact that the glass is going from freezing to hot that it cannot handle, not the heat itself.

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True that. It seems like most of the people that call other people stupid are morons themselves. Back to fifth grade science class people. Remember those things called molecules? Its simple. Molecules expand when you supply heat and contract when cooled, everything is made up of molecules and atoms. Everything. Glass can withstand constant gradual rise in temperature. What it can not stand (besides idiots) is rapid heat which causes some molecules to expand faster than the other resulting in broken glass.

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Oh noes! You mean that this summer, when my car windshield gets hot from the sun, it will have a problem holding all that heat and it will crack?!?! Whatever will I do?!?!?

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This FML was created just for the people who suggested "just throw water on it" for the other fml (the one where the girl scraped off the wrong car). *sigh*

#8: Seriously? "hold heat very good" and you're calling *him* a dumbass? Wow.

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-Molecules don't expand. Their kinetic energies and the distances between them do, I believe.

glass can take heat really well FYI it's made from very high heat to form it's the sudden change in temperature that makes it crack

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says the dumbass, glass can hold heat fine, it's the drastic change in temperature which caused it to crack.

#8 - It's the sudden temperature change that caused the cracks, not the heat. Glass is made in extremely hot temperatures, so withstanding any heat that the OP could have caused is not an issue. OP, when you suddenly and drastically change the temperature of the glass, cracking is inevitable. This is why it's also a good idea to rinse glasses with hot water before putting boiling liquids in them.

The thicker the glass, the more likely a drastic temperature change will cause cracking.

if that's true, are you saying it is easier to crack a coffee mug by putting boiling water in it than a wine glass??? just wondering, cuz now I gotta try it to see if it's true XD.

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coffee mugs are generally made of ceramic materials (aka: not glass) which can withstand much higher sudden temperatures than say a thin wine glass.

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He meant the coffee pot you use with coffee makers!