By anoynomous - 02/02/2010 05:47 - France

Today, I got a ticket. The officer's daughter is my ex. He gave me a ticket for 31 in a 30 mph zone. FML
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That ticket won't stand up in court, especially with the arresting officer's relationship to your ex. Fight it!

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you should do her and break her heart again


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you should do her and break her heart again

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you can fight it. a 1 or 2 over the limit could be a malfunction o innacuracy of the radar gun or you were only doing that speed for a split second. easyyyyyyyyy case to win

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Agreed. Except when you do it this time film a **** with lots of pictures.. Make sure there's a facial... Post online. Make sure you're both 18... If not then just fight it and stat away.

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Yeah, definitely fight it. If you just pay it it will encourage him to do it again in the future.

Yeah or you could say you got your speedometer checked and it was a little off.

go to court and charge personal unlawful conduct it always wins

This reminds me of this cop who hated my uncle. He arrested him for going over the limit. He was riding a bicycle. LOL.

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Sure, you can fight this ticket and get it overturned, but if I am not mistaken, you may end up paying for court costs and fees to do this. Something similar to me happened about four years ago, and I ended up getting the case thrown out of court, but I was charged around $100 for court fees ($50 after I donated blood a week later). Sure, it is well worth it not having to use the traffic school option in case I intentionally decide to drive on the wrong side of the highway after work one of these days, but still... tl;dr - the courts may possibly screw you over on fees regardless if you get it turned over.

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its actually not even legal for them to give you a ticket for 5 and under

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I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. From now on I'll make sure to come to the FML comments section for any further legal information I may need.

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@ number 8 if the women doesn't give permision the OP can get locked up.

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yes, yes it is.

haha!! you're stupid! it's not legal for a cop to give someone a ticket for going over the speed limit....yeah okay!!!

unfortunately he can do it but they are ment to go up to 10% within the speed

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wait WTF since when do French ppl use mph?

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when you don't fill in a location it automatically puts Nord de palais (I think...) because that's where fml is based

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yoyoyoyo1234 0 can get a ticket fir speeding on a bike idiot.

What's "fir speeding?"

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actually I think the law is that if the girl doesn't know the tape was being made he could get locked up but if she allowed it he does has full rights over it.

well technically the OP was speeding but it has to be in an excess of at least 5-10 mph above the speed limit

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totally ******* agree

That ticket won't stand up in court, especially with the arresting officer's relationship to your ex. Fight it!

Yes, easy win.

I didn't know we had a panel of solicitors analysing the legality of the FMLs. Good to know.

TrinityisLife 22 can file a grievance on the officer for abuse of power.

yeah but it still won't do shit. i've filed plenty of grievences with internal affairs and I had witnesses! same police still **** with me too

Well my friend my advice is here now :) Before i left britan ( See my profile if you wanna know why) i had a styled regi plate on my Kawasaki Ninja so that speed cameras cant register it. I dunno if you get similar in America but British police are far to lazy to use radar guns or whatever. This has happened to many drivers i suggest file for a personal interferance inquiry and then contest the ticket infront of judge judy. Peace out x

I think everyone just hate cops lol, in Florida at least it's only illegal if your 5 mph above or 10 or 15 mph below the speed limit

Both parties have to agree to be on Judge Judy...

So concoct a elaborate scheme to get him to think he is going to win either way him refusing to contest a ticket in ANY court of law can be used in evidence at a hearing. Not strong evidence but its still there. Peace out x

Well he still did technically speed, even though it was only by 1 mph

This could even be construed as harrassment on his part or an abuse of power. Especially if he does it again.

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wow you speed deamon lol....... get back with her knock her up and then dump her

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Cause childsupport is much cheaper than a ticket.

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fight that b*tch

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Vindictive! He probably doesn't even know what happened! For all he knows, she could have cheated on him or something. I'm sorry, you can probably get that charged dropped if you challenge it or something.

Ur gorgeous! ;)

Im sure that is in some way illegal. Or unconstitutional. Or something.

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I'll go with the " or something " .

You can definitely fight that. All cars have a /- 4 mph variation on their spedometers, so he can't really legally ticket you unless you're going five over the limit. Fight it with that info from a real source, and he can't do a thing. Your life will suck that much less. :)

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Actually, if you say that your speedometer is off, it is faulty equipment and you are still at fault. just thought you ought to know. :)

its not faulty equipment ask any mechanic and theyll tell you that almost no car speedometer is exact they are usually all off by a couple mph

just cuz ur spedometer is off doesn't mean ur allowed to go over the speed limit. saying "I didn't know I was speeding, officer" isn't gonna do nuthin.

If a speedometer is ' off ' it means although it reads 30-31 you could be going 34-35 its a controversial decision by him easily contested though.

Yeah, that sounds suspiciously like he has it in for you. Regardless of what transpired against his daughter and you, a ticket for a 31 in a 30 is easily overturned in court. They could relate that as a discrepancy in the radar, overuse of power stemming from a previously personal relationship, etc. While the cop was technically within his rights to issue the ticket, the basis of your relationship can prove that it was done probably in spite. Might cost him a suspension or maybe even his job..

fyl for sure! usually police officers wait until you're 10 - 15 over the limit. contest it!!

contest it FOSHO!!

stuff trying to get out of the ticket get payback by doing his daught again and make sure he knows it's you

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I will kick your ass in halo.