By overexcited - 02/02/2010 00:40 - United States

Today, I woke up in the hospital. I had apparently overworked my heart so much that I fainted. What caused it? I was playing a racing game on my Wii and freaked out when I won first place. FML
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wii:140$ Mario cart:50$ wheel controller:30$ medical bills:120$ winning first place:priceless the IOU card, get it today!


Why would you assume that OP was fat? Thin people can have heart problems too if you didn't know.

How old are you? That sounds like there's already an underlying problem, and you're lucky it came out in an environment where you were treated immediately.

WTF number two, you can't just assume that their fat...

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but the odds of him being skinny are against him

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why would u get excited over that my 10 year old neice can win 1st on wii

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Kind of ironic how fatties buy the Wii thinking it'll help them lose weight and then they still end up in the hospital.

Was it Mario Kart wii? getting first on that is tough but do you think it meant a bit too much to you?

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it doesnt but why else wud he or her have ended up in the hospital, most likely it was. someone fat and started to have heart problems, or someone with heart problems but they shud kno better to not do "exciting" activities that can cause problems

It's an automatic assumption based on the following: Gamer stereotypes + overworking the heart until fainting = the right to assume OP is fat.

Okay... um... only American gamers are fat. And real gamers won't faint in that occasion... Can you use your head?


that's one hell of an acusation. Every ****** gamer I no, from America, are skinny weakasses or they are skinny and can beat my ass

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hey im amrican i game and im like 6'4 and weigh 200lbs al my friends are skinny too exept like 3 who are a little overweight.

REAL gamers play xbox and ps3 not that wii that little 5 year olds play

#36 no, actually all the gamers I know are pretty fit and they are all American.

you definately need some exercise, but take it slow dude, take it slow...!

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Jerking your hands up and down like that... your boyfriend must be happy that you won.

Aw, poor girl :D That's sweet though :D

wii:140$ Mario cart:50$ wheel controller:30$ medical bills:120$ winning first place:priceless the IOU card, get it today!

lol #11 For all the people assuming the OPis fat, there have been athletes with heart problems in fact there was a Detroit Redwing who had a heart attack on the bench.

If you faint just because you're in first place in Mario Kart, you probably shouldn't play Animal Crossing. You'll have a heart attack when you fish up a rare Tuna.

or mwf2 when you get noob tubed too much

MWF2 just might kill OP dead just from the tutorial. It's too exciting obviously. (Have not played MWF2; dunno if there is a tutorial).

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I think it's MW2 not MWF2...n yeah most likely knowing that he's getting recruited to Sheperd's Elite squad after doing the training course lmao

lol I prestiged the other day, let's see the op handle that

yes they are. if not there anorexic. its so messed up down there!