By sasha625 - / Saturday 22 December 2018 14:00 /
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By  sasha625  |  14

Just for clarification, I had tried pouring two bottles of water on beforehand. That didn’t work, and my coffee was already cold by the time I had poured it. I don’t own an ice scraper, I was in a rush and didn’t know my car would be frozen over that morning. It’s also a long walk to get back to my place. My defrost also doesn’t work. I was headed to my new job and couldn’t risk being late.


Well pouring anything hot on an already frozen over windshield you run the risk of shattering your windshield.

Buy some defrost can spray, you can find them in auto part sections in any stores or in an auto part stores. The defrost spray works pretty well to make ice melt faster when you’re on an limited time.

  weaboo  |  12

It’s faster than having to go to cleaning to remove the coffee when you can’t drive the car but it’s a lot slower and more dangerous than heating it up together with defrost

By  Ravenclaws-Jinx  |  5

no rubbing alcohol, vodka, vinegar, hand sanitizer. Nothing... hell even a credit card.... even if you have an ice scrapper there are ways to get rid of ice without sacrificing coffee. or maybe just put a plastic trash bag over your widow at night and pull it off in the morning.

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