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Today, we had our first rainstorm in weeks. Thirty seconds before it started, my window broke in the "down" position from overuse, since last week the air conditioning in my car gave out. Now I have a hot, wet car. FML
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Manual windows FTW! :O Better than being cold and wet.


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Manual windows FTW! :O Better than being cold and wet.

this comment is a that's what she said

That has to suck, especially down south! sorry OP!

YDI for having a car. YDI for not taking care of that car. YDI for living where it rains. YDI for not controling the weather to be more favorable.

Nobody but you finds this amusing or clever.

I find it that trollz is extremely clever.

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Damn the comment bug. :/ I disagree with 24, completely.

hey Chris! you're still not cheating on me are you???

I know they aren't clever, but I like this guy and Legonut. It's the imposters I can't stand!!!!!

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Cheating?!? 

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-_- I Dont Cheat. -.- Stop with the accusations, and wait how am I cheating? I don't have a gf! lmfao

oh so you're telling me that our 2-day relationship means nothing to you?!?!?

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I don't remember me asking you out, or vice versa.. Plus I'm a lil bit too old for you.. Im no Chester the molester. Lol 

Chris you can't do this to me!!!! 

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Do what? I'm not doing anything.

I know I'm just bored... I think I'll go for a nap... anywho, ltr!

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I'm going to the gym, funny threadjack tho lol.

over here it's 10:18... and I'm tired... worked too hard...

saintjimmy and other guy who agrees, I'ma let you both in on a little secret: I do this for MY lulz. Mine. I was acutally about to change my schtick b/c of all the imitators, but your whining just bought at least a few more weeks of long YDI lists for silly reasons. Good day!

you should have taped a bag/tarp or something over it so the water didn't get in. ydi

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Enjoy it while you can. A hard-luck loser like you is not going to encounter a woman in that condition!

Doesn't actually mention the type of car.