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Today, the roads were OK, so I cleaned the ice and snow off my car so I could go out. I rolled my window down a little bit while I was driving to clear the snow off the base of the window. A chunk of ice flew off my hood, in through the window, and hit my eye. I then hit a snowbank. FML
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I don't know about you, but there's something about winter air that I love :D Of course, winter was just loving the OP back.

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" clear the snow off the base of the window."

I usually have my windows cracked when I'm driving, sometimes while it is raining and all through the winter. I feel like I'm suffocating without the air coming in. Then again, I have guards on my windows and always clean my car off completely. I've taken ice to the face before (killer snowball) and it hurts! FYL, OP but pretty much YDI.

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why take a stab at snikerdoodles? Your commenting on an fml, not trying to (and failing) to bring people down. you suck at life and may now kill yourself.

I second # 43. but do it somewhere outside so no one has to clean up.


he did it to clean the base of the window that's what it says and it's not like it was terrible weather

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snickerdoodles put ur other pic on..... is tht good....,,,,, idk. the world'll nvr no......

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how is that dumb? all the op wanted to do was help clear some snow off the window.

to snickerdodle: the op wanted to clean out the snow ive done tht b4 for the same reason to the op: ydi for not cleaning the snow off of your roof.

This is badly worded sort of, but fyl.

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u really need to get a life... that to snickerdoodles

**** you snow rocks. you totally deserve it for not clearing the snow and ice off your car

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@44 snow is terrible it might be awesome if you see it once or twice a year but try seeing it 3/4 of the year and you will be sock of it

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Well 77 first you grab a handful of snow. Then put on your condom. (you don't want squirrel AIDS!) Then insert penis. Call her the next day.

I bet the crash into the snowbank loosened the rest of the snow you had left on so that won't happen again. I guess driving with one eye until you could slow down was out of the question eh? Normally I'd take a stab at humor or try and make a pithy comment but every night it is a clown like you that puts the lives of my crew and I in danger. Distracted/piss poor driving has gotten so bad the when we get a service call I send a lookout so hopefully I never have to make a phone call to say "your husband or dad won't be coming home tonight" because someone couldn't be bothered to make their car safe to drive, talking/texting or my new favorite, watching TV. Yes, I understand that the OP only hit a snow bank this time and not someone that you know walking down the road/sidewalk, but this crap needlessly happens somewhere every day. When someone takes themself out I really don't give a fat rats ass but I really hate it when something stupid like this hurts someone that didn't deserve it because it effects the people all around the one that gets hurt also. Whew, now that I got that little rant off my chest I'll put my soap box away. Flame on if you must but we are out on the roads every night and even though we try and be safe there have been more than few times when some random motorist has puckered our asses up tight. Be careful out there and be safe.

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snickerdoodles no one cares about why you think, go take you ******* fire crotch bitch ass somewhere else

Thanks Snick, I've been doing my job (heavy duty mechanic) over 20 years now and knock on wood we have never had a serious incident but lately I've felt like our luck is running out. I could stay in the shop but I usually go out in the dangerous situations. I'd feel like hell if someone got clipped that I was responsible for.

How are you going to whine about everyone's grammar and misspellings and say something like "kthxbai"? Is this some new addition to the English language that you, oh Mighty One forgot to tell us about? Practice what you preach, sweetheart.

I've heard of it. It's something I usually see in a sentence that also includes "lawls, lulwtfzomg!, da, suk, fukk, etc." I'm sure you saw the FML where a commenter actually said "fqqn" meaning *******. I'm pretty sure you replied to it, actually. That's the type of word (random letters that people attempt to create a word with) I see "kthxbai". Oh, come on, snickerdoodles. I know you have the strength to type the extra characters.. At least, you expect everyone else to, right?

Your rant is lovely but a bit excessive. First of all, the OP probably didn't even have time to slow down after getting ice in his/her eye - probably list control immediately.  Second of all, this accident doesn't have anything to do with the idiots who text and drive or do other things that make their driving hazardous. That said, the OP is still a horrible driver.  Anyone who lives in snowy places should know that when you clear your car, you're supposed to clear ALL the snow and ice. That would include the bit in the bottom of the window that the OP was trying to remove when struck in the eye. It also includes the snow/ice that flew and hit the OP in the eye.  OP, had you truely cleared your car as you said, this wouldn't have happened. I bet in te future you take that extra minute to use the brush side of your ice scrapper and sweep away the snow and ice from your hood, roof, and windows. Unfortunately, you really did this to yourself, and you kinda deserve it. :( 

^ (this is for blankett) you own for going against Snickerbitch. And this is for Snickerbitch...go get laid or something and get your ass off

@ Snickerdoodles: Wow, how can you compare using asinine shorthand language to Jesus? Perhaps you'll be the one burning in hell. (And no, I'm not religious; I just think you're a moron.) Regardless, you cannot go around complaining about other people's grammar and use of such shorthand and then use it yourself. It makes you a hypocrite.

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^ Human stupidity at it's best~ Read the FAQ you ******* ****! And while your at it read Snicks profile~ She doesn't give a damn about all the crap that you guys post. This has been said many times in the past, if you don't like what she post... Then I suggest you open you mouth wide for a sack of shut the **** up! With dumbass on the side, got it bitcho?

Wow!  I really don't give a f_ck what her profile says. And I'm sure blankett doesn't either. Just because her profile says she doesn't care what we say doesn't mean we don't have a right to say it. Maybe I should post in my profile that I don't care what you say. Would you then be wrong for commenting? Didn't think so. And where do you get off calling people bitches and *****? Sure you have the right to say what you want but really?  Do you honestly think that's necessary?  It's not like this is a serious matter, it's FML for Christ's sake. Perhaps you should get over yourself. FYL for being a douchebag. 

"Snickerbitch", huh. How clever; I'm sure Snickerdoodles

Stupid iPod Touch. *ahem* I'm sure Snickerdoodles is... I've lost my witty retort. I'll just make up some retarded joke that shows no intelligence and throw it back at you.

lol why type **** but not ****? surely the former is worse, no?

Kaslea, you didn't have a problem with blankett's "snickerbitch" comment but Madara's not allowed to use the word? Snick should "burn in hell" but **** is a bit much? Who's the hypocrite? And CMH wasn't off-topic. His rant was against distracted and poor driving. I think cleaning snow off your car while driving qualifies as distracted.

Sorry but I didn't call anyone a profane name. The "burn in hell" was due to her saying that explaining "kthxbai" is like "explaining Jesus to an athiest," and then saying it's the only way and you will "burn if you don't use it correctly."  So, no, it wasn't excessive to say she'd burn in hell. i was simply usung her own words.  Maybe you should read all posts before commenting.   As for 'snickerbitch', it's a play on the girl's name.  From blankett's comments, it seems as though she's familliar with snickerdoodle behaving like a bitch.  Not to mention the fact that I'd don't care what names people call eachother; I just don't like them directed at me!      Madazero just went off the wall with his use of "****" and "bitch". I don't se how any of my comments warranted such language. I'm pretty good at recognizing when I do deserve such names; this wasn't one of those times.  Oh and I edited the F word because I didn't feel the situation warranted profanity. However, I should have put "bitch" and "****" in quotation marks and forgot.  Sorry.  

I did read all of the comments. Maybe you should try understanding them before you post yours. Snick compared explaining Jesus , not Jesus Himself. Let me know if you don't get the difference. How does editing out one letter mean you didn't use profanity? So if Madara had called you a c_nt and a b_tch that would've been fine? Reread your posts; his use of profanity wasn't excessive at all. Casuists and hypocrites usually tend to be bitches.

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Bitcho doesn't meant bitch... Does it? OMG I'm sorry~ But I did mean **** :) There is something about that word that tickles my mouth~ Anyways I'm sorry for being the asshole everyone knows I am 

Excuse me? I never referred to snickerdoodles as "snickerbitch". It'd be quite immature of me to do so.

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Why do we all hate snickerdoodles anyways? What did she do to you?

Oops, sorry blankett. I meant swagga but typed your name because he did. I <3 you too, Madara!

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@ 69 cause she "it" posts lame gay bitchish comments on evry ****** fml

YDI for failing at driving. obviously you really didnt clear the ice off if a chunk came off the hood. Try not to suck next time

boogievelli 0 dicks pretty big this fml suked

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Kthxbai FTL. anyways, op you ******* suck at driving YDI all the way.

MadaZer0, I've seen snickerdoodles' profile, and she does clearly state that she doesn't care what people think; however, if that were true, and she really didn't give a **** about what I say, she wouldn't waste her precious time replying to me, trying to sound smart and failing at doing so by using jargon such as "kthxbai".

I never said I word about the way you compared using "kthxbai" to evangelism. I expect that part was directed to me since you said "to respond to you..." Also, I'll be changing my password because I did not post comment #32.

clear off your car before you get going moron.