By Anonymous - 22/01/2012 17:57 - United States

Today, I woke up to the sound of a Suburban crashing through my fence and striking the tree in my front yard. After filling out the police report, the driver repeatedly asked me to give him a lift to work. He seemed confused by my speechlessness. FML
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just give him the keys for your car. he seems like a good trustworthy driver.


BarDownDaily 12

Was he intoxicated? That's my only logical explanation?

The point is it clearly isn't ops fault. Yet he files out a report and even has the nerve to ask op for a ride..

Today, I misread FML. FML. The guy fills out the police report that op has him fill out, but still asks op for a ride. Moreover leaving op speechless

bulgeinmypants 0

I thought the guy was filing a report on OP. That would've made it worse.

zachattack112492 4

Could of asked for a sandwich

Hell. I wouldn't give him a ride. Should have told the cop you were being harassed too.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I doubt he would be driving to work intoxicated, 10. Could have been a deer, a squirrel, bee in the car, avoiding a reckless driver, ice on the road, hot naked chicks taking a morning jog while rubbing oil all over each other, what have you.

n_epic_fail 14

How is he going to pay for the damage if he's out of a job op?

It's called insurance. You have to have it in order to own a vehicle. Insurance pays it.

LO388 7

Maybe he seemed confused from his concussion.

You don't need insurance to own a vehicle, you need insurance to legally drive a vehicle.

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Of course. What was he going to do, say no after the wonderful bonding experience they had?

You already filed a police report. Just give the guy a ride.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

You sure it wasn't you? You seem strangely sympathetic.

Sympathy has nothing to do with it. It wasn't an act of malice, shit happens. If it's convenient for you to drive him somewhere then why not? Unless you just don't like giving strangers a ride somewhere, in which case just advise him of that. There really isn't any harm in him asking...

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It was a joke, 58. I do agree with you though.

Of course you agree with me, who doesn't?! :P

And stupid comments make people exercise their right to use the thumbs down button.

93, I'm aware of how the system works. It was obvious the comment would be buried from the minute I typed it, the entire thing was tongue in cheek and wouldn't actually work if people didn't disagree with it...pretty obvious really.

just give him the keys for your car. he seems like a good trustworthy driver.

bizarre_ftw 21

Yeah, the city trusted him with a drivers license, why can't you trust him with your car?

Some people are just clueless. Hope your fence gets fixed soon OP!

TexasMud 8

But not the OP! He/she is able to tell what kind of vehicle is crashing just by the sound of the accident, I wish I knew my cars as well as the OP!

I think that driver that hit your tree just wrote an FML too

godisnowhere41 5

He's either overly friendly, very slow, or just plain stupid

KiddNYC1O 20

Apparently, he's not that slow.

Just give him a ******* ride, it was an accident. its not like he hit the tree on purpose.. -.-

And before the grammar Nazis hit me, *It's.

So if I smashed into your yard and ****** up something cause I'm a distracted driver you'll give me a ride?

Nope. Apparently he wasn't paying enough attention or he'd of made it to work himself. He deserves to call in and explain why he's late.

Quite the assumptive lot aren't we? It doesn't say why the crash occurred. The guy could have been swerving out of the way of a small child for all you know. The fact is, regardless of the situation, theres no need to be a douche about it. If you don't want to give someone a ride then that's your perogative, but to act like it's a big problem for them to even ask is hardly mature behaviour.

Hey mr.dick, he most likely could have prevented the crash so stfu.

So your point is what? If there's a possibility of preventing a crash you deserve to be villified by immature fools? Naw, lets leave thinking for the adults, hey little guy?

Seriously, what's done is done. He was an idiot for doing that but be the better person and just give him a ride.

Could've sworn I replied earlier. Hmmph, effing mobile version. Anywho, yes, I would give the guy a ride, if I had the time and it wasn't too much of a hassle, like a 30 minute one-way drive.

xShannonxSammyx 7

I would give the guy a ride assuming he didn't look like he might try to kill me, eat me, or hump me, just to make it an even better story to tell people afterwards.

godisnowhere41 5

If you'ld give him a ride just to make a good story than I'm sure him humpin you would make it an even better story to tell