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Today, my dad's girlfriend threw me a birthday party and all the gifts, decorations, and the cake were according to my age, which they thought was 12. I turned 13 today. FML
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If your dad's girlfriend is like 35 or whatever.. get her a 40 year old balloon on her next birthday :P She won't be happy either.

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Aww, that sucks. Congrats and happy birthday! And congratulations on being 13 and typing more coherently than most of the older crowd.


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Yeah, Jesus how ungrateful, you got a party, no one cares how old you are. It doesn't matter until you're either 16, 18 or 21. All the other ages you should just be happy people remember it IS your birthday.

Exactly, it's this kind of selfishness I hate most. So what if she was off by a year? She made the effort so she obviously cares which is more than OP seems to deserve.

Honestly, the fact that she's not got any stake in it and tried to do something nice for you should absolutely trump the fact that she was a year off. Maybe if you were more mature she would've realized you were a year older.

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Yeah OP, I hope you don't get any sympathy. My step dad doesn't even give a shit about me...

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@89, I hope that was sarcasm. I'm 13 and I get whats going on. People don't have to go through the what happpens just so they can understand it.

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Nope. Not a gross generalization at all... Oh, and I'm 15.

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Look at it this way, when they bought the stuff you were still 12, DAH! So shut up and be happy you got a party at all Brat.

@White667 you are forgetting the 50th and 100th birthday (if you get that far) are also important

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Everyone shut the **** up and stop pretending this is some exclusive club you belong to that's being broken into by new people. You're not some special person who gets a say in who comes here and who doesn't, so stop whining like babies. No, no I'm not twelve. Thanks for ignoring my point and asking.

I'm 11 years old.... I don't see what's wrong with it :)

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All of you shut the **** up. Middle school kids are the most annoying little ***** ever known to this world. Granted, I'm 16 (and a half), but seriously, I bet 85% of all the little arguments started on this site was a little seventh grader thinking how ******* great he is because he's a seventh grader. I LIVE with a ******* seventh grader. They're all annoying as hell. Right about freshman year is when those goddamn kids start calming down and shit, and start acting like normal people.

I think you guys are mean, actually. It's the ones who think they're so cool, regardless of age, and better than everyone else, that annoy me. I think it's a real bummer that her father didn't even know her age. I'm eighteen, if that matters, since we're pulling rank.

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You can tell how many naive middle schoolers are on this website from the comment sections. Any normal adult knows that proposing to someone over Mafia Wars on Myspace is terrible, but the middle schoolers will come out and say "OMG UR SO UNGRATEFUL ID BE SO HAPPY IF SUM1 PROPOZED LYKE DAT TO ME" because they don't have common sense about life yet. I love my 14 year old sister but she is not on my level, sorry. I'm 19 and I've learned a LOT since middle school, so middle schoolers trying to act like they are above themselves need to deflate their little egos.

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You all need to stop calling to OP ungrateful, spoiled, etc, because yes, they did get a party thrown for them which is great. But the whole point was her own father and his girlfriend don't even know how old they are. A girlfriend is understandable, but it's really pathetic if you can't remember your own child's age. Also, don't just assume all 12 and 13 year olds are immature, annoying, etc. I know some of them really don't belong on this site, but at that age there's all kinds of maturity levels. When I was 12 i was a lot more mature then then some of the people my age, and everyone I hung around with then would definitely understand this site. By the time I was 13 almost everyone my age that I talked to would belong on this site, so don't just assume.

@89 age doesn't matter you could be eight and have a lot of expirience. There are some thirteen year olds in this world who's mothers have died. And who do you think you are telling people what they can or can't do? I don't see a sighn anywhere saying 14 or older. And anyone who agrees with him grow up you where thirteen once dumbasses. Love you, Muah -I'm nineteen by the way ;)

My mom doesn't remember how old I am half the time.... This is so freaking selfish. Wow be happy they gave you so much stuff. You suck. Total YDI.

Apparently, it was the father's girlfriend and only her who threw the party. Perhaps the dad didn't even know, or, if he did, she told him to leave it to her. That is how the FML is worded; "my dad's girlfriend threw me a birthday party" - no where does it say daddy got involved about it. OP is being ungrateful. She's only his girlfriend, and perhaps hasn't even been his girlfriend for long. OP should cut the poor wretch some slack instead of being a brat.

she should be happy that her STEP MOTHER even threw her a birthday party. and does it really matter what decorations were there?!? 12 & 13 year olds are basically interested in the same things anyway aren't they? i think children these days are all just spoiled brats. She should just be grateful her step mother is so generous.

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I Agree with 89, If you don't have pubes, then get out!!

261 - age makes a difference for 11 and 12 year olds but not for 13 year olds? why does it seem like that might have something to do with you being 13... 20 years old over here and okay with the tweens on fml. who the hell cares. if they're obnoxious and leave comments that make them obvious, feel free to hate on the individuals.

Okay... Before people start jumping my ass, I'm 16 and a senior in high school. To a preteen or even an insecure teen, age is important, and this would be a big deal. An adult could just laugh it off and be glad they looked a year younger. I'm not saying the chick isn't bratty for complaining about it on FML, I'm just saying that when you're young, it IS sort of an FML. I don't think things like this should be on this site though, since the majority of users are older. Not to mention all the posts about sex, relationships, etc, that younger users can't understand or relate to. For example, a twelve-year-old girl might think it's hilarious and cool that a guy sounds like Chewbacca when he gets off ( Ten years later (or even four or five) she'll see it in a totally different light. Just an example.

Agreed ConcealedHavoc. bgpink-Wtf? So once you turn 13, your "mature" That doesn't make sense. I understand everything on this site you prick, and if I don't urbandictionary is there for me :) Mature for your age? I think not. "Since Im like 13 im better than 11/12 yr olds cause theyre little and stuff" I know it's gotta be cool to be a teenager and in charge of Middle School but you don't have the right to be totally ignorant...

I think the FML here is that there are

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I love how the "Lol kids are stupid I'm much better because I'm older hahaha" people are really much less mature than a lot of the 13-14 year olds. I'm 15 by the way.

I don't give out any of my information to any site. :) Sorry sweety.

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yeah at least u got a party! I spent my 16th wandering about town, doing absolutley nothing!

I spy a wowfag... don't worry I play pally too and FYL OP!

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that's kinda screwed up, kinda like how my big sister constantly asks which grade I'm in.

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happy thirteenth only one person told me anything on my thirteenth (my mom).

True, its important that she should be grateful thier stepmom cares but for the OP, it kinda is an fml. When I turned 13 I was ecstatic all day about being a teenager. If my stepdad made a whole party saying I was 12, I would have been devastated. True, now that I'm older I'd be able to see its the thought that counts but it's not something I would have thought of when I was 13.

12 and 13 are pretty much the same thing. ******* little kids, thinking that they're important when they're finally a teenager.

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You guys should stop commenting about the thirteen year olds on here. I'm thirteen and reading your comments, I realized that I use correct grammar and spelling more often than people who are older on this site. By the way, you're and your have two different meanings, look it up! :)

that's not that bad. My recently ex boyfriend unexpectedly showed up to my birthday. Which was decorated with hello kitty items.

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154 u complained about 13yr olds nd shit but wen u posted ur info says u were 13:/ hmmmm

SHUT THE HELL UP! Middle Schoolers are as retarded as shit but they get a lot of the crap on this website. I've known all the stuff on this website since the 3rd grade. Honestly, I'm 15 & have a 13 year old cousin; if you think that the FMLs are too "innapropriate" for them you are wrong. this generation knows way more than they need too at young ages!

ummm I'm 14 and I LOVE this website.....

at in wonder land where i live its a free counrty you can do or not do. whatever you like.

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At 331 All op is saying is they forgot her age and made everything in twelves instead of thirteens. I would be mad if everyone forgot my age, wouldn't you? And stop calling twelve year olds immature, and spoiled. Ops mad they forgot her age. What does that have to do with being spoiled?

ummmm actually bitch I'm 12 and I know how to spell and I know that it's weird to propose like that... get your facts right asshole

May525XoXo 8

Hey shut up because you were 13 once too.

Us "Silly children" are the children of your generation. Any habits we picked up are your generations fault. Who sells the drugs/cigarettes/alcohol that turns teens into addicts? Adults. So, don't talk.

Plus, how would you like it I'd if someone Important to you forgot how old you are? I hate it. Plus, 13 year olds understand more than you give us credit for.

You are the reason that they are calling us immature and saying we shouldn't be on this website. Thank you for proving them correct.

Trix_Disorder 20

Wooo, assuming everyone on the Internet lives in America/other democratic first world country...

Lichinamo 33

Okay, just shut the hell up. I'm a 7th grader and, when I was going on twelve last year, one of my friends, whom I had told that we were exactly four years apart, had assumed I was four years older than her, in contrast of being younger. I got The Talk this past summer, so I know what the **** I'm reading about on here.

Im 12 and if ur not stupid, u can figure out or know what goes on

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If your dad's girlfriend is like 35 or whatever.. get her a 40 year old balloon on her next birthday :P She won't be happy either.

Lol!! Also if one of my parents' gf/bf threw me a party and was only off by a year that'd still be freakin awesome

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i love how this conversation is a fight between thirteen-year olds and sixteen-year olds...the only ones who actually seem to care anyway, OP, I'd be glad that she at least remembered, but I can see where you're coming from. It sounds like you already didn't like her and this was just one more thing to complain about. And to everyone saying she's selfish, remember how old she is. When you're younger, every little thing that goes wrong feels like it's the end of the world, and it's not.

22cute 17

That's painful, I know, but the girlfriend is trying. Think of all the work she put into this. And she really has no way of knowing your age other than what your Dad tells her. And Dads are Dads - my Dad mixed up his kids names our whole lives. He took me to the Dr once and I was afraid they would think he kidnapped me because he didn't know any info about me!

Yeah send her a ballon on her birthday saying happy 40th birthday or something xD

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nobody cares about 13 year old girls crying about daddy's new girlfriend. you have children things to do that aren't on the internet.

I can understand that. She is becoming a teenager! This is a very important birthday!! It's like when you turn 5 or 10. OP, you should've slapped that bitch across the face. How many of you ungrateful little ******* remember your 13th birthday? Yeah, bet that didn't go so well. I live with two older brothers and my parents even call me by the wrong name!!! I've even been called my dog's name before!!! Jeez. OP, FYL.

Is your dog called Ungrateful ****? Also, how is 5 an important birthday? It's not at all.

#114, this is for you.

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haha 144 ^^ lol how the **** is five important if u can remember that far back u musta had some shit times not worth remembering

96- i get confused with my sister & all my cousins. you are not the only one that gets called by the wrong name. and all those who are arguing over ages, you have to agree saying you are 17 or older. so truly, all these people actually do not need to be here. im not against little tweens and preteens on here, im just saying.

Oh wow, that truly sux!! Happy Birthday :) 13 is a milestone birthday, so sad that they screwed it up for you

Yes, sad that they screwed it up but you can take heart at the fact that she thought enough of you to go to the effort of actually doing something special for your birthday.......Next year just remind them that you will be 14 and not 13....or not, then they'll throw you teh 13th that you missed lol

Awww Sweetie this isnt a Fml lol Just change the twelve into a three.. So cute lol

My family doesn't even remember my birthday. I hate you. Oh, and you can shove your gifts, decorations and cake up your ass.

Reality_bites 14

Quit bitching. At least they made the effort to throw you a party. Isnt it the thought that counts?

1215116a 14

But wouldn't you be mad if your whole party was a mistake and everyone forgot how old you were? And Fml is the website for 'bitching'.

Why are you on FML if you don't like bitching? You clearly don't know what this site is for 🤣🤣🤣