FML - The follow-up

Today, after weeks of begging, I finally got an interview at my dream job. Turns out, they only agreed to interview me because they thought I was someone else. FML

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OP here. Guess I used the wrong wording. I didn't really "beg", I did the whole apply, wait, go in and follow up thing. Only problem is that when I followed up, I gave my first name only. My name isn't that common, so I didn't realize there would be another one. They did like me, they just wouldn't have interviewed me because I didn't have enough experience. This actually happened about a month ago (had to fudge it for FML of course P: ), and since then I've gotten a different job and
By karachii / Tuesday 11 December 2012 17:07 / United States
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39-changing the company number is a bit of an extremity seeing as the line is also used for business. It would not only take the cost of changing the number alone but also the business they would lose in the process.


OP could be over exaggerating or it could be poor wording. Maybe OP was persistent but not necessarily calling up their potential employer and crying like "please please please with a cherry on top, hire me!!! TWO. TWO CHERRIES."

Your dream job being? Also, I am curious as to how long your are on the whole job looking circus, because begging for an interview sounds like a very rookie way of doing things.


Op sounds like the creepy new kid in the FML below this. "Oh baby, I have such a powerful love for your company, I'd do anything to work with you. Anything! Please give me another chance?" Poor thing.


Today, my friend and I were brushing our teeth, standing side by side. We both have a sympathy gag reflex. He brushed his tongue and gagged, which caused me to gag. So we had a never ending gag-fest until we both began throwing up and couldn't stop until one of us could manage to hold it in. FML

By StateOfEuphoria - / Sunday 24 July 2016 22:52 / United States - Petal
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