By goldfish - 06/03/2012 02:47 - Canada

Today, I came home to an eviction notice after an apartment inspection. The reason? Having an unauthorized pet that could cause unnecessary damage to my suite. My pet is a goldfish. FML
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Magikarp uses splash! It was super effective

zingline89 18

Well, Nemo and his friends did make quite a mess of the dentist office when he tried to escape. Could happen.


Magikarp uses splash! It was super effective

Actually, your goldfish turned out to be Goldeen, which evolve into Dealing. I would listen to that notice and get rid of that as soon as possible. I know a cute ginger in Cerulean City who would take it off you hands....

*Seaking ...and that wasn't meant to be a reply. My apologies...

hellbilly205 17

Hey those goldfish are pretty dangerous creatures. You let 'em out of the bowl and they will attack you gotta watch your back!

Sparks808 10

Ah, but Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, a most fearsome Pokemon. The landlord must have been thinking ahead.

It's fun to use our imagikarpations, it helps us think of the pokémon puns we are 'seaking'. On am unrelated note, when I sneeze I go "pikaCHU"! -"bless chu" Raichu are in thinking that these puns could go on forever.

GreenAppleDP 0

Some people are so uptight.

nice one,but yes he must have been thinking ahead...

edibleamazing 4

This pokemon themed thread really made my day..... And made me feel less like a dork for know the evolved form of goldeen

How could the goldfish turn out to be a goldeen? They look nothing alike! And your missing that horn too :P Every badass out there has a Magikarp in his house like a boss! Haha

starman02 12

Seems like he needs to visit the church of puns, cause he gots nuns!

...and people thumbed it up? What witchcraft is this?

I dont get it why people select YDI on this post it makes no sense of deserving a suite inspection becouse of a goldfish ! 12 year old Russian kids, GTFO from this site go play COD something waste your shitty time somewhere else! Or learn proper English and develop some logic....

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

OP probably should have read their lease. If there's a strict no pet policy, goldfish count no matter how silly it sounds. I'd imagine that's where the YDI's come in play.

m0tl3ycru3 0

Must have been a large goldfisg

...YDI? No. Clearly this is ridiculous. So, yes FYL OP

TheOnlyAlan 0

He's worried it will evolve into a gyarados. If that happens, good fight home.

Ah yes, the destructive power of a goldfish causing a tidal wave in the apartment.

alstbv12 13

Think of the mold that could grow if water spills!!

Yes 41 because when water spills most people just leave it there to soak and make mold grow you got it perfectly right.

wlddog 14

The horror, the horror. Those damn goldfish are the scourge of the apartment world. You deserve it for having such such a horrible animal in your apartment. How DARE you risk yourself and the neighbors with your poor and dangerous choice of pets.

Actually, speaking from my experience living in apartments, people DO just leave their puddles to soak up on the ground. I was living in a place where someone left a pool of water on their floor that eventually leaked into my apartment and completely ruined my ceiling... I'm not the only person that I've heard this happen to either. Bathrooms are the worst though, with idiots leaving their soaked shower curtains hanging over the floor and dripping into the apartment below theirs...

GreenAppleDP 0

Their ammonia levels are through the roof.

zingline89 18

Well, Nemo and his friends did make quite a mess of the dentist office when he tried to escape. Could happen.

Goldfish or coldswish we're all just the same, put on your glasses and steady your aim. You shouldn't have had animals inside your suite, now the landlords inspector put you out on your feet, left alone like a baby kicked off of the teet, why don't you complain or write up a tweet. Because the rest of the world hasn't missed a beat.

RoseTintMyWorld 8

Putting the ;) face just made that seem dirty. Shame on you.

For god sake I didn't mean it that way, people and their twisted brains...

wlddog 14

It's our job to see what twisted post we can make up.

Reminds me of the goldfish explosion of ' country was never the same again...

Which country was that? The U.S.S.R.?

9-Ah, the Goldfish Rush of 1946 was quite crazy down in Tennessee, right down in Fort Knox. Crazy government conspiracy to allow goldfish to take over the world. Almost mind boggling.

It was Chenoble.. They tried to cover up the destructive power of the goldfish, but that landlord knew better

LordMinion 9

You spelled 'Chernobyl' wrong. If you're going to reference something, at least take a second to learn how to spell it right!

someindiandude 6

Seems like the landlord(s) hate you and are looking for a fishy reason to legally evict you.

ByronJess 17

If the OP didn't follow what their lease agreement says about pets, then the landlords aren't doing anything illegal. My lease agreement says that I can't have any pets, including fish, without first paying $300