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Today, my family and I went to the movie theater. There weren't enough free seats near the front, so I sat a few rows back with my grandpa. He kept throwing our snacks at my parents' heads all through the movie. He claimed he'd been asleep the whole time, and I'm now grounded. FML
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Old timer has a few tricks up his sleeves lol

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Old timer has a few tricks up his sleeves lol

Old people can get away with so many things. It's not even funny, I'll troll my kids too when I am old.

10: That's really rude, alzheimer's is nothing to laugh about.

10- That's classless. OP: Even though he trolled you, enjoy him while you can. My grandpa passed away recently and it's really difficult. Even when they get under your skin, grandparents have a special relationship with their grandkids that cannot be replaced.

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Sounds like someone might be off his rocker!!!

10 - I agree with the others. My grandfather can't remember much because of Alzheimer's, it's taken a toll on the entire family especially his kids. I've never seen my father cry so much before.

This fml is another example and brain dead parents who are dumb enough to believe anything.

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Oh yeah definitely. That's probably what it was.

Nobody understands sarcasm. I thought it was funny. There's one less down-vote.

92 I like sarcasm. When it's actually FUNNY not downright stupid!

We all understood the sarcasm... But just because sarcasm is used doesn't make an un-humorous comment humorous.

old people sure aren't how they used to be

If you're 15, how could you possibly know that?

I jus wanna know what theatre that is! Free seats??? The theaters in my town are $15 a ticket! It's an arm and a leg to go with someone if you get stuff there!

OP meant seats that weren't being used or occupied at the time.

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Actually it's -5 for FML: -3 for complaining on the internet -2 extra for complaining on this site.

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#4, the unit of currency has changed -- it's now "Faith in Humanity" points. Grandpa: -500 You: -350

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Next time you are changing his diapers, stick it on his face and smother him with his own excrement.

Badass grandpa at least he still does funny shit

54 - If it's currency, is there anywhere I can use it to take out a sizable life insurance plan on my significant other, in case of "accidental" death? I'd like to gain more faith in humanity as quick as possible.

Troll grandpa! I hope to be like him when I'm older.

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Grand Dad rocks. Which I had a playful old timer to get up to high- jinks with...

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That's what they did back in the day too right?

That's why they are so good at it: years of practice. Maybe OP can ask grandpa for some tips; grandpa owes him at least that, for punking him.

Bad grandpa! BAD GRANDPA! You're wasting perfectly good Whoppers and Twizzlers!

And at movie theater prices at that! Or am I the only cheap bastard around here...

61- exactly. Why pay $5 for a box of skittles when I can just go to McDonalds and eat like the king of a small, third-world country for the same price. Ridiculous...

#11, No, clever grandpa. He has fun while protecting OP's teeth (and his own dentures, perhaps).

17 - You're not alone. They rape us over here with their $15 movie tickets, $8 popcorn, $6 candy and $2.75 soda. SO glad I'm not a guy because I don't have to pay for my date. Ha! Finally, a perk of being female.

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they charge 15$ for a tiny box of nachos at my theater... =/ it's literally the size of an order of nachos you can get at taco bell for a dollar. with less cheese sauce.

I really have no idea here; is there a candy called whopper? Because this comment is making me think the grandfather is throwing the burger at them lol

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Whoppers are also a malted milk ball candy.

103 - google is your friend. Whoppers are chocolate covered candy also the same as robins eggs at Easter time.