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Today, the tree that my neighbors have neglected to cut down fell on my car. They claim that by law, they aren't responsible and don't have to pay for it. FML
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TaylorTotsYumm 10

Get a crane to place the tree on top of their car.

plant a tree wait 30 years, then crush their house with it


TaylorTotsYumm 10

Get a crane to place the tree on top of their car.

I just saved 15% on my tree insurance by switching to Gieco

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tripleshame 3

I hate to tell them, but if the tree is GROWING on their side of the property line then they ARE responsible for trimming it back. At least, where I live they would be.

littlemissFYL 5

you live in America, sue them man.

ImThePope 2

Like a good neighbor, state farm is there! With a wrecking ball!(;

littlemissFYL 5

96, the commercial "like a good neighbor, statefarm is there" is currently playing. awkward.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

119 he corrected no grammatical was a spelling error

123, still you get the point that i was trying to make

Iknoweverything 29

It's amazing what people will believe when you add the phrase "by law" to a sentence.

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rallets 22

you should have got allstate, that way you can be better protected from mayhem like that

for all you know, your neighbors could have had a creeper bouncing around on their tree causing it to fall...

rallets 22

shaaaaky, shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky *crash*

127- No, what were you trying to say?

September_fox 2

You don't even have to live in America to want to sue them for that. It's their tree, it smashed OP's car and they are claiming they don't have to pay for it. (which is BS) Now, if it had done something like knock over OP's mailbox but not cause any real damage to property...then you would need to be an American to sue for it. (I say this being an American that has been sued for over $3K for leaving a scratch about the length of a dime on some bitche's bumper.)

some neighbor you have, find a lawyer.

xk75 4

exactly, whether your neighbors think they're responsible or not is irrelevant. their homeowners' insurance policy may say otherwise.

almost the same thing happened to me, and by law they aren't responsible. on top of that my neighbor is a judge......

... OPs insurance should cover it. If OP doesn't have insurance then they deserve it. Court is expensive, and they won't win.

How is insurance coverage relevant? I had something similar happen where the other party claimed they weren't responsible because their insurance didn't cover it. By that reasoning I can just cancel all my insurance and claim I'm not responsible for any damage I cause. OP get legal advice, in most countries your neighbours are most definitely responsible for damage caused by THEIR tree.

nastynate1376 0

if the tree blew over in a storm it's considered an 'act of God' and they aren't responsible for it. if the city told them that the tree was unsafe and had to come down, then they would be found negligent and would be responsible. I had a coworker go through the same shit. Your own homeowners insurance might cover it though.

Zoroark899 6

If the tree grew into the OP's yard wether from above or below, it is the tree owner's responsibility. Not sure if it is if the tree fell from the neighbor's yard though.

Seems your whole world is crashing down around your ears. Or, onto your car.

comepoopwithme 0

well if a tree falls on a car and no ones around to see it... run!!

FFML_314 11

It just keeps getting funnier and funnier. *Grabs popcorn*

FFML_314 11
FFML_314 11

Is it over? I was so pumped up.

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xstewie16x 0

aw man I wonder if she's already been thinking that to herself...?

that's really stupid, they should pay for ur car cause it was their tree

....make a claim on your auto insurance under comprehensive.

FreebirdIII 1

neighbors home insurance should pay.

A tree that obviously needs to be taken down, i.e. neglected, falling on a neighbor's property is the responsibility of the tree owner, regardless of if it happened during a storm and especially if the tree owner had been warned about its precariousness. If a healthy tree is taken down by an act of God, it is the neighbor's responsibility.

I don't know the law; but it sounds like they're talking out of their asses...

sometimes i talk out of my ass accidently. like this morning when i was taking a shit.

I give it an F for "******* hilaroous"

meggieh815 0

it's okay 17. I laughed. haha. see. laughter.

Meg1Surf2Blonde3 0

brake a window with one of the branches lol :D

johnson94 5

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