By Not So Smart - 23/07/2010 23:47 - Canada

Today, I went to the mall. While shopping in a store, a woman bumped into me numerous times. Getting annoyed, I turned to her and loudly exclaimed, "Are you blind?!" Turns out she was. FML
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that's when you jump off the 2nd floor



that's when you jump off the 2nd floor

3rd floor would have worked better.

most malls around my area have 2 floors =( but the op should still die

Might as well count the roof.

Hmmm, was that person the ONLY blind one?

Look before you speak. Hold your tongue for lessons to be learned. You ignorant shitface :D

hahaha shitface xD

shitface with that. :D. expression cracks me up!

You must have felt bad didn't you OP?

Are you an asshole?! Yes, yes you are.

A rude Canadian, eh?

Has to be an American expat. ;)

Jerk much? Why didn't you look? If I was the woman I would of been like "Yeah, but I don't need to see to realize your ugly". (;

Roid rage much? Or PMS? Menopause perhaps? Or was she giving you insta-boners? Chill out, and this stuff doesn't happen. It's not like she was doing it on purpose.

roid rage. heheh xD