By Not So Smart - 23/07/2010 23:47 - Canada

Today, I went to the mall. While shopping in a store, a woman bumped into me numerous times. Getting annoyed, I turned to her and loudly exclaimed, "Are you blind?!" Turns out she was. FML
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twinny_sc 13

that's when you jump off the 2nd floor


twinny_sc 13

that's when you jump off the 2nd floor

3rd floor would have worked better.

most malls around my area have 2 floors =( but the op should still die

Hmmm, was that person the ONLY blind one?

lovestrong 0

Look before you speak. Hold your tongue for lessons to be learned. You ignorant shitface :D

arc794 0

Are you an asshole?! Yes, yes you are.

ilovejonathan13 0

Jerk much? Why didn't you look? If I was the woman I would of been like "Yeah, but I don't need to see to realize your ugly". (;

dudeitsdanny 9

Roid rage much? Or PMS? Menopause perhaps? Or was she giving you insta-boners? Chill out, and this stuff doesn't happen. It's not like she was doing it on purpose.