By Anonymous - 10/07/2011 23:51 - United States

Today, my husband finally got round to cutting down a tree limb in our front yard after months of me begging him. It fell on me. FML
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Maybe you shouldn't have been standing in the way then?...


well even trees hate nagging.


Maybe you shouldn't have been standing in the way then?...

Karma*. And this is a YDI because you don't stand under trees when branches are being cut down

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what was op like oh hey like a falling branch. should i move?

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George George, George of the jungle..ehh I'll stop while I'm ahead..

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If you're going to nag about a tree limb being cut, maybe you shouldn't do it under 'said' tree limb. Just a thought.

What really happened was op was about to walk inside and her husband got the branch, went behind her, and hit her in the head with it, then exclaiming in his football touchdown voice,"what now, bitch!" he then realized she was unconcious and told her this story instead.

dinodannyrawr 5

you should sleep with her husband :)

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if I were the husband, right after the branch fell on her, I would have started singing 'Move bitch! get out the way, get out the way bitch!'

Well how do you think the tree feels.. he had someone constantly plotting to kill him? Him falling on you was just his last dying attempt to take you with him.

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She was probably standing under the branch and nagging at him while he was cutting it down. You could have always done it yourself if you wanted it down so bad.

Why wasn't op in the kitchen? Unless it fell through the roof and struck her.

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karma's a bitch, irony on the other hand is funny as shit xD

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give him sone ass an he would of done it sooner.. :)

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Don't panic! We may still be able to save your ass before there is massive blood loss. The stitching process may be very painful, though.

DKjazz 20

Whatever you do, don't use local anesthetic.

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Were you standing under it?

No, the ******* limb flew 20 ft. over to land on op before it fell.

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Ah, the lolz. That just tickled me.

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you were kinda asking for it....he was just doing what ya asked him to

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someone got Bugs Bunnied =P