By Anonymous - 01/05/2011 18:49 - New Zealand

Today, I woke up at 4:40AM and went to the kitchen. My brother and his steel-capped boots easily found me in the dark. FML
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ceinaworus 0

so, I'm going for the most negative comment on FML. rate this as negative please : ) thanks everybody! but seriously, I don't want any positive rate shit going on.

with the steel toe, how you feel though, with my foot cramed up ur ass like a *****.


I bet you are ready for some more steel!

YDI for being Magneto

Worst prostate exam ever. Especially in the dark.

why were both of you guys in the kitchen at 4:40 anyway?!?

His balls! They are not made of STEEL!!

That wasn't your brother.

31 What kind of weak arse boots you got?

40 - I work at 5 every morning.. maybe he was getting ready for work or something

Qeuar 0

Duke Nukem's balls of steel would have no problems dealing with this.

29 your avitar is FUCKIN AWESOME!!! O sorry OP that suxs to next time bring a flashlight and some pepper spray next time and spray him in the eyes and kick him in the NUTS THAT'LL TEACH EM

littlemissFYL 5

not FYL, **** your life bro =[

thaney18 0

I don't get it.

osama is dead hoot hoot

ding dong! osamas dead! osamas dead! osamas dead! ding dong osama bin laden's dead! and good riddance

futtbuck101 1

F Osama's life

d_balu 0


is your brother captain falcon by chance

why is everyone assuming he got kicked in the balls?

2. Man that's MrsBunny's line. lol

FFML_314 11

You're stupid!!!

ceinaworus 0

so, I'm going for the most negative comment on FML. rate this as negative please : ) thanks everybody! but seriously, I don't want any positive rate shit going on.

lol I'm going for the sexiest pic in FML ;)

im going for sexiest name on FML

Dang. I hope that all of you guys know that #92 did in fact want you to thumb his comment up. Just lettin' you know in case you didn't already.

TroII 0

I hope this does not become youtube with the douchebags always saying "thumbs up if you agree"

ceinaworus 0

haha, you guys, honestly. it was a mockery joke of dumb people. and for the record, I could give two ***** about a "positive" or "negative" comment. HOLY FORESKIN! MY COMMENT IS RATED POSITIVE! shit, someone made it negative. I'm going to kill my self by beating my face with my iPod.

oliveindamiddle 0

^ that was..... creative..

ceinaworus 0

thank you. I have the imagination of a wildebeest on cocaine and acid put in a blender and injected into the ileum section of the small intestine.

chickunkey 0

^ dope

Almost sounded like you were describing me.

onestarjv 3

yo ass got capped!

no no, it was her toes, didn't you read the FML?

oh, it actually doesn't say anything about toes. maybe i should have read the FML

Woulda sucked if OP had ingrown toenails and got hit on the toes.

littlemissFYL 5

Your ass is grass.

kriistalkhalifa 0


ThatLooksSticky 16

...I don't get it.

balex_fml 0

OP got kicked with steel toe boots.

no they were playing hid and go seal In the dark and he was wearing steel toe boots

SpeshulK 0

hide and go seal?

ya you club a baby seal when you find them :)

spartanfan68 0

hahahaha lmao but it's actually when your found you must close an envelope

spartanfan68 0

ie there you are. damn now I have to seal three

wazupwolf 5

epic fail

reganera 0

I also didn't get it...most these fmls are written in a weird way that annoys me

with the steel toe, how you feel though, with my foot cramed up ur ass like a *****.

spartanfan68 0

r.a.p Retards Attempting Poetry

forkbrother13 0

as he walked through the night he gave his brother a fright now his asshole isnt tight - william shakesphere

tsim_fml 0

97- h.i.p.h.o.p Highly Incredible People Healing Other's Poetry (putting it to a beat/music) H.A.T.E.R.S (such as yourself) Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. I know my word play child. Dont ever go against the rap.

Angi95 3

Wow. You guys are really creative. No conozco como. Pero puedo hablo espanol.

I can so see (old) Eminem rapping that.

atomicbaboon 0

damn! we got some original doctors up in here! aka: dr. seuss.

Dr Dre! Bitch Please!

124 dont use english to spanish translators it screws it up, and it makes no sense. it should say "No se como, pero puedo hablar español"

Cyanide and Happiness!!

No it should say it in english

OP, I believe you got a night eating syndrome. I suggest you get professional help.

SteelCladAngel 0

I go to the kitchen at 4:40 am sometimes getting myself water, getting a bottle for my daughter...maybe op has diabetes and needs to eat every so often....

Or maybe op woke up at 4:40 to get ready for an early morning work shift or something like that and simply was going to the kitchen for breakfast? A "syndrome" is quite an assumption on so little information.

atomicbaboon 0

or dark_path was making something we in the medical profession like to call a joke. there seems to be a surplus of people on this site that suffer from a poor sense of humor. I apologize to all of those this syndrome has affected, but there is no cure.

RyDawg918 0


ouch... your brother needs to burn that shit

that was not meant to be on this, that was for a chat between a friend and I..... wrong box....

Meg1Surf2Blonde3 0

kick him in the balls!! lol lights??? if u lk my comments email me

don't expect any emails

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johnson94 5

are you trying too hard to be funny?

bmsalinas 13

^ Win.

1989mustang50 0

wow desperate I see so you are the one with the van that says FREE CANDY!!!

sheagstaz 0

haha yeah right