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29 your avitar is FUCKIN AWESOME!!! O sorry OP that suxs to next time bring a flashlight and some pepper spray next time and spray him in the eyes and kick him in the NUTS THAT'LL TEACH EM

  ceinaworus  |  0

haha, you guys, honestly. it was a mockery joke of dumb people. and for the record, I could give two shits about a "positive" or "negative" comment. HOLY FORESKIN! MY COMMENT IS RATED POSITIVE! shit, someone made it negative. I'm going to kill my self by beating my face with my iPod.

  tsim_fml  |  0

97- h.i.p.h.o.p Highly Incredible People Healing Other's Poetry (putting it to a beat/music) H.A.T.E.R.S (such as yourself) Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. I know my word play child. Dont ever go against the rap.

  jangalianxi  |  6

Or maybe op woke up at 4:40 to get ready for an early morning work shift or something like that and simply was going to the kitchen for breakfast? A "syndrome" is quite an assumption on so little information.

  atomicbaboon  |  0

or dark_path was making something we in the medical profession like to call a joke. there seems to be a surplus of people on this site that suffer from a poor sense of humor. I apologize to all of those this syndrome has affected, but there is no cure.