By jordigs - United States
Today, the elderly couple next door asked me to cut down a tree in their yard. It turns out they told me to cut down the wrong tree, and I cut down the tree they got married under. They now hate me and tell me they plan to sue me for damage to property. FML
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  nomadxx7  |  0

Actually best way was to get things in writing or at very least have the couple mark a giant 'X' on the tree to cut. That way when you cut it down if this was an issue you could say, "Well they marked the tree to cut and here's the 'X' to prove it." In the end though people can rescind what they said earlier as if nothing ever took place. Getting a signed document is the only way to make sure things get done and done correctly (at least according to the law).

  Averizzle  |  0

Lol they shouldn't be so pissed.. I mean they got married under a tree that's all it is. They should be happy they are still together and haven't died from anything..

By  0dazednconfused0  |  0

The whole thing sounds dumb to me, my concern is why it is always the elderly people's fault. I like to think the person cutting down the tree doesnt listen and cut the wrong one down.