By Anonymous - 27/05/2009 22:44 - United States

Today, my kitten was playing with the drawstring on my pajama pants. He then jumped, clinging on to my crotch. I screamed in pain, which scared him and made him hold on tighter. My cat was literally hanging from my vagina with its claws for a good 30 seconds before I could pry him off. FML
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i am so sick of this pussy on pussy crime!!! LOL

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LOL that sucks P.S. first (sorry i had to)

lol damn p*ssy! when I first started reading this it sounded like u were a guy

iiNsTinK 0

epic fail. i wanna see this on video, it would be very very funny to watch.

Somany jokes to make... I guess you don't like pussy on pusdy action.

ur pussy loves pussy

I'm sorry, but I would feel more sorry for OP if she were a dude. Not to say I don't feel sorry for her now.

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Some say cats suck, but I guess cat's stuck.

fingered by a cat! LOL jk, wow that must have hurt D:

imagine if op was a guy

it mustve hurt alot already trust me I'm a girl but I can't imagine what it mustve been like if OP was a guy

that must have hurt... but I have to say this.... pussy on pussy!!! hehe...

the images going through my mind right now.....

truslide 0

i am so sick of this pussy on pussy crime!!! LOL

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hahahaha!! 

Your pussy got attacked by a pussy.. apocalyptic maybe?

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*squeezes legs together*

#3 I don't think that was fingered.... aoutch that must hurt so much: I'm sorry for your pain.

michael666 7

shut up.

damn, didn't that hurt?

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a pussy on ya pussy......