By Lewis - 04/09/2010 11:02 - Australia

Today, I walked in the door and heard my husband calling me to the bedroom. I got a little excited, took my clothes off, and walked into the bedroom. I forgot our mortgagor was inspecting our house today. FML
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dress to impress, well in this case undress


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yeah, that would be a sex bonus to the OP and no FHL at all :P

Ydi for thinking this is a bad thing! Jk next time wait so take it off in front of him and do a lil striptease he'll prolly enjoy it more and stuff like this won't happen again cuz u b right in front of him.

Next time try a whipped cream bikini. That way your lady bits (assuming you are a lady) won't be exposed...

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Don't get why you would take your clothes off when your husband is randomly calling you to the bathroom? Maybe he need you to help him wipe(;

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Wow. people will do anything to get a loan nowadays ;)

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I can say awkward, and that would be awkward.

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Dang if that's what you when all he does is call you into the bedroom i wonder what you do when your actually in the moment. you freak!

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I bet you get free morgage now!

Uhm, she's a ***** for wanting to get it on with HUSBAND??

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man I wish I had a girlfriend like you, always willing to take her clothes off ;) and FYL for raising the price of the house with what the mortager would call erotic entertainment :[)

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Lol op ydi you neeeda calm happy ass down

Yeah, that's probably why it's on FMyLife. It's a website, you see, for stories that suck.

haha sex drive screws them all. next time strip for him not alone plus it'll probably save u any foreseeable embarrassment. but FYL.

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akward, maybe first impressions don't matter as much?

dress to impress, well in this case undress

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You can wear a crown but you're no princess

Catto-Golden 23

You can wear a crown but you're no princess

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