By Lewis - 04/09/2010 11:02 - Australia

Today, I walked in the door and heard my husband calling me to the bedroom. I got a little excited, took my clothes off, and walked into the bedroom. I forgot our mortgagor was inspecting our house today. FML
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aairborne52 0

can you say awkward?

dress to impress, well in this case undress


aairborne52 0

can you say awkward?

smdbeeach 0

threesome :)

mona_is_here 10

yeah, that would be a sex bonus to the OP and no FHL at all :P

Ydi for thinking this is a bad thing! Jk next time wait so take it off in front of him and do a lil striptease he'll prolly enjoy it more and stuff like this won't happen again cuz u b right in front of him.


oh la la sexy

Next time try a whipped cream bikini. That way your lady bits (assuming you are a lady) won't be exposed...

vballerlover07 0

Don't get why you would take your clothes off when your husband is randomly calling you to the bathroom? Maybe he need you to help him wipe(;

cubanchick 0

she said bedroom not bathroom

well maybe you'll get. better deal now...

SunshineBoy21 0

Wow. people will do anything to get a loan nowadays ;)

ALindsey 0

I can say awkward, and that would be awkward.

rawrgoesthedinos_fml 0

FAIL. :')

YDI for being a whore

ur husband must hv been pissed at u

Dang if that's what you when all he does is call you into the bedroom i wonder what you do when your actually in the moment. you freak!

LonelyLoser42 0

I bet you get free morgage now!

Uhm, she's a whore for wanting to get it on with HUSBAND??

roflmaker 0

man I wish I had a girlfriend like you, always willing to take her clothes off ;) and FYL for raising the price of the house with what the mortager would call erotic entertainment :[)

Sprinkle_Donuts 1

Lol op ydi you neeeda calm happy ass down

BAHAHAA. Ouch Sure, But This Is Hilarious! xD

That big ol' "Shift" key just incessantly calls out to you, doesn't it, 64?

maybe next time make sure your home.alone

Yeah, that's probably why it's on FMyLife. It's a website, you see, for stories that suck.

haha sex drive screws them all. next time strip for him not alone plus it'll probably save u any foreseeable embarrassment. but FYL.

mona_is_here 10

Desperate for sex?

smiley_ily 0

akward, maybe first impressions don't matter as much?

dress to impress, well in this case undress

Catto-Golden 23

You can wear a crown but you're no princess

Catto-Golden 23

You can wear a crown but you're no princess

lovesteph3523 0

how could you forget?