By brbkillingmyself - United States
Today, in the second week of August, hell has come to earth; my mom has been playing Christmas music all afternoon and is already searching online for decorations. I hope she buys a length of rope to go with them, because I've already given up on life. FML
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  sturschaedel  |  27

I have two small kids, so Christmas is a big deal for us as a family. I try to start planning out presents and decorations early enough to not get stressed out in the time before the holidays. That means I collect ideas in the first two weeks of November, buy everything in the last two weeks of November, first decorations go up on Dec. 1st, rest gets gradually added over the next three weeks.

August, though? Way, way too early!

  junpeiIori  |  17

Not gonna lie, but my Christmas shopping has been done since this past Tuesday. Not excluding myself, follow USA rugby; so I shop the lie what my foster brothers interests are and shop around that. The hat, jacket and my backpack. But really, most people are batshit angry insane 2 days after my 21st