By Username - 14/10/2010 19:02 - France

Today, I was called up about a job I'd recently applied for. I was overly excited to tell them I'd be there on Monday. Then I remembered I canceled my car insurance due to financial difficulties. I have no way of getting there. FML
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By Anonymous - 18/12/2023 03:00 - United States - Swartz Creek

Today, I was told a job offer that would've changed my life had been taken back, due to one part in the onboarding process. I’ve already sold my car, ended the lease to my apartment, and purchased a non refundable plane ticket. With little to no money and the Christmas break coming soon, I feel like I’m going to die with no backup plan. FML
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So you still have a car, right? Just don't get hit or pulled over.


theres this thing called a bus. walking. taxi. asking someone else to take you ?

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105, you're a really shitty Grammar Nazi. Stop picking out typos and find a real idiot. If you're having trouble with that, look in a mirror. :)

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just so you guys know buses and taxis aren't everywhere... only big cities. duh. OP it's called a carpool they're everywhere. no excuse.

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Amen, Sean. That guy is jokes.

drive without insurance, what is the possibility that a cop catches you

so? drive without insurance one time. big deal. who moderated this?

I'd have to forget carpooling and drive my car. Damn.

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Not every city has cheap buses and taxis that go anywhere. And since OP hasn't started the job yet, she probably doesn't know anyone she can carpool with yet. But she can just drive and not get pulled over. Easy.

Borrow some money for the insurance. Sell or pawn something to get some money. Borrow a car. Ask someone to drop you off. Look on the web for "ride share" sites.

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Yeah because everyone lives within walking distance of their work... It'd take me 4 hours walk to get to school and my dads work is twice that far...

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I know right 34? some people are so stupid.

Talk about idiot, what about the OP? thats a true idiot, not to mention for using this post. "Oh My God, I don't have car insurance!!!.....what do I do?"........Drive your damn car, that's what you do. Just don't be stupid and get in an accident or get pulled over, it's not that difficult of a solution

that's kind of illegal. i'm just saying...

rofflewaffle 9

Look up the statistics for people who own cars, THEN the people who have car insurance, THEN the amount of tickets issued to uninsured drivers. I can pretty much guarantee you that number will drop significantly between each one. Unless you drive like a moron constantly, or have expired tags, or decide to slap on a huge bumper sticker that says "UNINSURED," it's really not a big deal. If you get pulled over, you'll get a ticket, but at least you'll have the money to pay it from your new job. I got pulled over a few years ago for turning left on yellow, and I didn't have insurance. All I had to do was obtain proof of insurance by the time court rolled around, pay court costs, and do eight hours of community service. Then, they wiped it from my driving record. Now, I'm once again driving without insurance and have been for quite some time, yet I haven't been pulled over since. Plus, if someone hits you, they're probably more ****** than you are.

nice to know there's still assholes like you around.

dude ur picture makes me laugh every time I see it. I don't know y

Oh yes just because OP isn't walking to work that makes them fat. stupid troll for all you know their new job is beyond reasonable walking distance. it took me 40 min by car to get to my one job. walking that would've been ridiculous.

I would have to say that if he lives in a town that is too small for transit, the odds are good that he isn't to far away to walk to work... I walked an hour across town to work for a long time. Anyways... it's for two weeks till you can get car insurance.

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aww walking an hour to work would suck 

rofflewaffle 9

I lived in a town of about 30,000 people and still had shitty local bus service. The buses barely went anywhere, couldn't go out of town, and had very inconvenient timing. Maybe OP works nights. Where I'm from, buses didn't go at all at night. Oh, and taxis can get damned expensive, well over $50 if OP lives a decent distance away from the job. Seeing as OP can't afford insurance, I doubt two weeks of taxis back and forth are anywhere in the budget.

I live in a city of 200,000 in the city itself, not the metro area. Our bus service doesn't come within 5 miles of my house. Busses aren't as common as you think.

So you still have a car, right? Just don't get hit or pulled over.

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NO NO NO. That's a terrible idea. They're called accidents for a reason; no one plans to have one. If OP hits someone or is found at fault for something that was unavoidable, which does happen, [s]he will be screwed. It'd be better to borrow money, or even get a credit card (something I'd only very rarely advise) to reinstate the insurance.

tsk tsk. typical woman, doesn't understand that men can drive.

exactly. and don't crash. you'll be fine.

Tsk tsk, typical little boy. Doesn't comprehend what he's reading.

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146, um 17 year old high school chicks, don't really count as women drivers. That's more like beginner drivers, girl drivers. Once she becomes a woman, she usually gets pretty good at driving. After all, I usually do all the driving for my husband, excepts when he drives to work.

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the Irish Jane is worrying to much. you will be fine just get to work and then get insurance later. it's not that big of a deal.

Irish isn't worrying too much. It's illegal for a reason. Not to mention she is right, no one plans accidents, and it is always the time that you risk it that it happens. I think it's called Murphy's Law. There are plenty of alternatives if the OP put their mind to it, and it gives them of an example of initiative to give at their interview.

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158, I'm 20 so I don't know many highschool chicks although I'm sure that's where the issue is. the other day i actually saw a woman do a U turn on a school zone and drove her SUV onto the curb nearly missing a group of scared preschoolers. but either way it doesn't matter. I'm sure there are good women drivers out there, op can still just be careful and get the insurance later.

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Worst advice ever! OP: Bus, taxi, friend, family. You have none of these things? Then FYL Or are you too stupid to think? Then FYL

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I don't know about other countries but in France, if you get hit by another vehicle and have no insurance, then you'll be held 100% responsible. If you get pulled over by the police, they seize your car and take you to custody because it's a crime here.

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No car insurance =/= no car. Waste of an FML

Public transport? Walk? Bike? Lift off a friend?

Oh, yes, forgot about that. How about wheelbarrow transport? :P

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Cinn I'm going to have to make fun of your perfectly acceptable English again, but... LIFTOFF!!! 

You mean, I_iz_B_a_troll, I'm the only one who offers my friends lifts in a Thunderbird? :P

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Luckily, you can sign up for cheap ride program and ride to work in a windowless van and cars of the like!