By pathetic - 06/11/2013 13:04 - United States - Lincoln

Today, my grocery shopping consisted of Poptarts, SpaghettiOs, Lucky Charms, Popsicles, Easy Mac, and Twinkies. I'm a 25-year-old woman with no kids. FML
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What the hell is wrong with you? You consider THAT food? How could you possibly live on that crap? You clearly forgot the Oreos and beer.


MichellinMan 20

Everyone gets a little thirsty, CapriSun!

Commence the first-comment's endless replies of people who want to be at the top.

28: Let them have their fun. The way I see it is that your comment was the only one which wasn't relevant to my own. If it bothers me to have people use my thread, I'll tell them myself.

Isn't that practically what you just did, 28?

I completely fail to see what is wrong in this FML.

Im 25 with no kids also and my grocery list is the same. You forgot the caprisun lol

I can give you children, and together we can raise them to be obese sugar loving diabetics

This sounds like the perfect grocery list!

Missyeru 14

You're probably not as alone as you think on that one. Once my parents don't have to buy me my food, I'm going straight to the store and buying everything they wouldn't.

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be glad you have food on the table

I think what #58 was trying to say is even though your parent don't buy a lot if the things you like, you still have food on the table regardless. Don't take it for granted. Sure, there's things you might enjoy and like, which you might not always get from the store, but don't dismiss it all together. If I have insulted you in anyway, I apologize, but it's true.

luckyone365 7

102: she was just joking. get your granny panties out of a bunch

She never said she took it for granted or didn't appreciate the food they gave her. What she said was now that she is old enough to buy her own food, she is going to by the things they didn't buy. I see no insult to her family in her post. People just want to judge and argue here.

KVKdragon 26

The Internet is (annoyingly) a great place to incessantly argue and troll others. It almost echoes their real life behavior lol

There is a reason kids like those food choices. THEYRE YUMMY!

JMichael 25

**** yea they're yummy! All the food that's bad for you tastes great while the food that's good for you tastes like my mothers cooking.

I wish we had Poptarts in South Africa ! nomnomnom

perdix 29

I wish we had biltong in America.

I think the only choice we get out of those in Australia is easymac.

You can buy PopTarts from some lolly shops, but they're crazy expensive- something along the lines of $12 for a box of 8.

Oh yeah! theres one at a train station in melb I think.

I'm going to stock up on my next trip to the US :)

No ramen?? Don't feel bad, at my college we eat almost anything if it's cheap enough.

I think that's the way it is at all colleges. Otherwise I wouldn't be living on ramen and hot pockets. Not that there's anything wrong with ramen or hot pockets.

MichellinMan 20

That's not the point. And I'm not explaining it.

I think so too. (With the you should eat better)

I don't disagree with what was bought but I think she should include a few natural foods to reduce the sugar craving.

What the hell is wrong with you? You consider THAT food? How could you possibly live on that crap? You clearly forgot the Oreos and beer.

MichellinMan 20

BEER?! She can't set a bad reputation for the kids! *cough cough*

Sounds close to mine. I'm 27 with no kids.

Me too!! But I have a small bar at home..

yeah I've also got a fridge full of beer and a nice stocked liquor cabinet