By Anonymous / Sunday 29 January 2012 19:15 / United States
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  JayBear14  |  11

Not everybody cares 100% on looks, but physical attraction is necessary in a relationship, its not the most important part, but it is how our human race works.

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

43- In my school when it was a small group of students (usually the same instruments) in a lesson we would refer to it as a private lesson because it wasn't the entire band together.

  Fml_FTW228  |  10

69-- I feel bad for you
1.) Because you live in Wyoming
2.) Because you think Wyoming is the best
3.) Because you obviously haven't been to any other state besides Wyoming because anyone that has easily knows and realizes that Wyoming is easily the WORST and MOST BORING state in the US

  efynsien  |  1

#72 you lie. Youve neer been to indiana. And dont give me superbowl shit cause thats just a month. Worst summer, crappier winters. And corn. And racecars.

And nightmares...so many nightmares

  Furrywhiplash  |  14

Ohio is where it's at! Our sports teams haven't won any championship since before I was born. Cleveland is one of the poorest major cities in the US. We get lake effect weather from lake Erie, so our weather is bi-polar. And the Ohio River is so polluted that it actually caught on fire once. Sounds great doesn't it? . . .

  So2011  |  4

You guys are missing the point. California is the biggest and best state. We have Hollywood, San Francisco and the best weather in Southern California. I don't understand how you people think the inner states are better when they don't even have an ocean view.

  Furrywhiplash  |  14

98- Other states have other features besides an ocean view. Some people prefer mountains dominating the landscape. Others prefer the neon glow of the city, such as New York City or Las Vegas. Getting my point? While I agree, California is pretty fuckin' awesome, it depends on the individual for 'which US state is the best'.

  cBlackout  |  13

72 - If you think Wyoming is the worst, you've clearly never been to Iowa. You like corn? They have plenty of it I can assure you. Cali is the best.

  xaer0babiix0  |  0

Don't talk about amazing states until you've been to New Jersey. Watch 1 episode of Jersey Shore, that's what it's like! But Colorado kicks ass too, in a different way...

  monkiki62  |  5

And that's based on ur opinion that only u care about. Shit your prolly ugly as hell and it makes u feel Better to call others out. Sorry for ur luck.

  pinkcrayola  |  0

Yeah but at the same time most people don't want to date someone who puts no effort into their appearance. If you're not physically attracted to someone there's not much you can do.

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