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  agummere796  |  0

your picture and location forced me to give you a thumbs down.....

  ahti546  |  11

I know we all want to call her a bitch, but in her defense think about it- if any of us were in that situation i think we'd have the same train of thought.

  Enslaved  |  36

I'm sure that's not ALL the OP thinks about but it does bite when you work and don't get paid. Are you all saying that it wouldnt cross your mind, too?

  geko911  |  22

wow its not his grammy its just a random elderly employing him to do everything she cant do. its just work so ya QQ shes dead next what happened with the money that came out of my own pocket. fyl OP

  darkmis1  |  17

OP: original poster and you can't message on the app

151: Ryan Dunn deserved it - he drove drunk way over the speed limit numerous times. It was only a matter of time before he died. He killed his friend, and could've killed a really innocent person. I won't shed a tear.

By  iAmScrubs  |  19

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  1215116a  |  14

It's a sad day when your comment is thumbed down....

  iAmScrubs  |  19

People on this FML are too caught up in "OP being a complete asshole" rather than actually saying something else for once. We know OP is an utter asshole. There's no need to repeat 1000 people's previous comments.

By  hardcoreFML4223  |  0

wow thats up but hey it's hard out here the more money yu get the better

  crymore007  |  11

yeah be more considerate op and karma will stop kicking you in the ass. good thing the lady didn't pay you, I hope you learned your lesson.

oh wait why didn't she pay you? huh 9 I didn't know karma did collateral damage.

  bidsababe  |  1

hahahaha that's what I was thinking!

I had a neighbor growing up who was getting old and we went and mowed her grass, one day we went to check on her and we found her in her favorite chair, she had obviously passed away. my friend and I started crying but later she told me " I wasn't crying because she passed away, we did 7 hours a week here this summer and we haven't gotten paid yet!" how self centered!!