By Anonymous - 08/10/2009 04:24 - Canada

Today, I was helping my elderly landlady (75 years old) carry in her groceries. She said "Thanks" and then handed me a notice of eviction. FML
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There's something that you convieniently left out here. Why are you getting evicted? YDI if there's a valid reason. Sorry but "I helped her with her groceries" won't work if you haven't paid your rent in three months.

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You should have slept with her.


Well that'll teach ya to pay your rent on time!

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YDI for being a suck up!!!!!!!!!

how the hell do you know op wasn't paying the rent on time? Where in this fml does it state that?

YDI for not knowing all landlords/ladies are EVIL

ydi for not paying ur rent.. fly looks like ur 16yo!. gonna get better - or worse - dont worry, just dont worry lolll hard

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now this is more of a fml since the person may not be able to find a proper aprtment in time, and be forced to spend time in a motel. it almost happened to my entire familu D=

That doesn't make it a FML, it's the OP's fault in the first place that they're getting evicted. Just because he got the eviction notice after doing something polite doesn't make it a FML.

EXACTLY carrying groceries for the elderly, although it is very nice, doesn't make up for not paying the rent on time! YDI

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Keep your junk paid and that won't happen!

Well, what'd you do to get evicted and why did you think helping her carry in groceries would change her mind?

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YDI for not paying rent and expecting her to let you stay. She'd definitely prefer the rent than a one-off helping hand.