By duped - 15/08/2011 05:45 - Pakistan

Today, our cleaning lady's son came to our house claiming that his mother had died of a heart attack. We gave him her entire month's salary as well as some extra money. A few hours later, our cleaning lady turned up for work. Turns out she doesn't have a son. FML
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You probably should have verified his identity (and her death) first. Live and learn.

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next time ask him what his mom's name is before you give him money...


You probably should have verified his identity (and her death) first. Live and learn.

I say you find that dirty rat bastard and give him what for!

Or maybe she does have a son and both of them are scamming you. That's a lot of info a stranger would know about you

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Now I feel bad for the cleaning lady that has to take a pay cut

I agree that OP should have verified, but if this random dude who knew the right details showed up claiming this, most people's first instinct wouldn't be to doubt it.

"Non, non, Missa Superman no is my son."

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hahahahaha. call the cops and give a description of what he looks like. seriously.

ohhh u just got burned! sorry about that......

Wonderful thing for the "son" to do on Ramadan. Have people no shame? And to think that I recently Pakistan was the one country whose people generally try to follow Islam to an extent. :/

Well they couldn't exactly say "Pics or it didn't happen."

This could be a double scam. "Son" get's the money, lady and her split it 50/50 then cleaning lady gets a bit of a reduced paycheck, but with the extra money has more money (from the faking his mothers death scam) then she normally would. You never know.

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next time ask him what his mom's name is before you give him money...

He could've known that if he knew that they even had a cleaning lady.

What are they going to say.. "my mother has died of a heart attack" "im so sorry.. Whats her name?"

Or, she DID have a son, and was in on the whole thing. Saying she has no son makes it seem like he had nothing to do with it, and since it's not her fault, she will still get paid, plus have that extra money from the scam.

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I Feel Like The Person Who Should Be Writing This Is The Cleaning Lady...Just Saying?

Did he even look like the cleaning lady?

Not everyone looks like their parent(s). A superficial resemblance is often enough for a passing glance and who scrutinises the help or a kid claiming his mum died? Not that I'm giving you an out, OP. You're big hearted - probably out of guilt for not bothering to know her very well. If your mum dies, do you think the first thing you'll do is go to her hob asking for money she didn't earn yet? Be kind once you're sure you're not being conned. BTW, tighten up your security. You've just let some ruthless people know that you keep large sums of cash on hand (assuming if you'd written a check this wouldn't be as big of an issue).

Well, my comment got thumbed up before 38 commented meaning people are are probably as stupid as me but then they saw I was wrong so of course they thumb me down.

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There wasn't any way for you to verify that he was the son? Maybe he had an ID on him or something.

Why would you give him your entire month's salary if you didn't know your cleaning lady that well?


OP didn't give him her own salary, she gave the son the cleaner's salary.

Still a good point though- OP didn't even know whether the cleaning lady had a son or not, so they obviously weren't at all close. So why give her "son" not only her entire month's pay, but extra as well?

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Wait how did that guy know u had a cleaning lady?

He probably stalked her and made bank at all the places where she works.

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yeah, if that happened to me it would creep me the **** out.

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or this is a fake fml because it almost makes sense...... or the guy is a creeper

I'd be pretty scared if I were you.. This kid has obviously been watching your family if he knows you have a cleaning lady

It's highly likely they pulled this off together. That kid might not be her son, but she most likely knows her and planned this shit.

Not necessarily. In a lot of countries, having cleaners or whatever is pretty normal. You could probably pull this scam off cold in an upmarket neighbourhood, although you'd have to be prepared to run pretty fast if they actually knew the cleaner's personal circumstances.

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he could have just seen the cleaning lady walk in he doesn't have to stalk for THAT long

It's true.. Where I live it's kinda weird if you don't have a cleaning lady... You could definitely pull that scam off:s

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This kind of stuff has been happening ALOT lately. Guess some people figured out how gullible people can be.

Yeah dude next time you see the kid pelt him with oranges