By FMarinasL - 30/06/2011 23:43 - United States

Today, I asked my mother to pay back the $50 she owes me. Rather than paying me back, she raced off to "work". She's been unemployed for 3 years. FML
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adropofpeace 8

If you knew she didn't have a job, why did you expect her to pay you back?

YDI for lending money to someone who is clearly unable to pay you back :/


YDI for lending money to someone who is clearly unable to pay you back :/

aprilita 8

my mom would say 'I should charge you for everything I've bought you since the day you were botn'

I bet you that op's mom has a secret job but just enjoys other people paying for her things ;D

DudeImBetter 0

my mom always says it's in the bank when she owes me something, I don't even have a bank account.

my mom usually says nothing because shes dead

I agree with 4 that's something my parents would say. And OP it's ur mom AND she is unemployed. You shouldn't really ask for ur money back. At least not till she has a job.

op should be lucky her mom didn't abort her

gabe2014 0

37 half of what you said there is based on assumption. not trying to sound bad but what if her mom didn't really give birth to her or care for her?

his mom could be unemployed because of a medical reason and is on disablility pay.

omfgfmlife 0

Why is everyone bashing op for wanting his money back? if she was a real parent she would owe up instead of bsing around it like most do.. when your parents treat you like a grown up you act like one

are you asking money back from your own mom? instead you should realize that you will NEVER be able to pay back all what your mom has done for you!

Hey, my mom has done so much for me and I will love her forever but I respect her enough to think that she'd be respectful enough to find a way to pay back her son. And maybe op really needs the money too. You can't just be expected to give everything to your mom.

i'm sorry 37 but respect is earned. i hate people who think parents somehow did their childrensome kind of favor by raising them and paying for those first 18 years(anything after that i'll admit is a favor) they made a ******* concious decision to have a child with everything that entails. that includes the costs of raising a child. what you get in return for all that bullshit is haveing a child. now earning the respect of said child is another matter. if you lend money and don't pay them back then i'm sorry you don't derserve shit.

adropofpeace 8

If you knew she didn't have a job, why did you expect her to pay you back?

exactly, why would you care much for your own mother own you money, who raised OP up?

I dunno, depends on how badly I needed that $50 back. If I didn't really need it, no sweat, keep it. But if that $50 stood between me and getting my car impounded or some other financial emergency, I'd be calling her like Sallie Mae student loans to get it back. Especially if I had a decent reason to believe that she had the money and was getting ready to spend it on some BS like party liquor. (Shows you how messed up my family's priorities are....)

canttouchthis90 0

I wouldn't ask my mom for any money that she owes me, she spent more than that while you grew up

a124 4

She did, that's what she lent her mom with.

3 - apparently she is making her own money....if she is lending her mom 50 bucks smh lol

flockz 19

does her "job" involve using her head?

HelloNoora1 0

Why would you even ask her to pay you if she has no job? She's probably already struggling to put food on the table and that's why she borrowed the money in the 1st place. Why don't you pay her back all the money you sucked out of her?

everybodyluvsMEN 0

If shes been unemployed for 3 years she is CLEARLY either incompetent or not trying. So if she is struggling to put food on the table because of no job it is her own fault.

#98. You cant say that. I know a person who has tried to find a job everyday for the past 3 or so years but still has had no luck. So please take your head from under a rock and actually start using that thing inside of it, assuming you have one of those things of course.

hate mooches that don't do shit cuz they don't care about anything

Unemployed for 3 years? I don't think you're getting your money back.

CoffeeZ 0

Sucks, and as already said, you knew she didn't have a job. But, it's your Mom. Yeah, it sucks. But it's Mom! IMO

I'd still want my money regardless of the fact that it's my mom or not. I mean if it were 5 or 10 bucks I wouldn't care. but 50...don't be a mooch!

Run after her and tackle her to the ground and pull her hair until she gives you your money...

or pull a stewie griffin and just shoot her knee caps out or something

hahh that sucks. make her your maid i guesss.