By Anonymous - 01/02/2022 14:00

Today, I lost my job. Why? Because I'm taking care of my dying mother. My boss actually said, "Well, if she dies today, we can hold your job." FML
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AzraelAngelus 15

That sounds like a lawsuit just waiting to be filed


AzraelAngelus 15

That sounds like a lawsuit just waiting to be filed

They'd probably let you watch the funeral on Zoom from your desk. Such a compassionate organization!

I would immediately start looking into the labour board. Absolutely don’t let them get away with that.

What were they expecting? "I'll arrange that, it'll be done this morning"?

randybryant799 20

While I'm totally sympathetic to your situation I'll never understand why people expect their jobs to be held in this kind of situation. It's a business. It doesn't stop because you have other commitments.

cocobreezie 13

that’s exactly why things like FMLA exist actually.

FMLA doesn’t cover all workers. The company has to employ more than 50 people within 75 miles, you have to have worked for at least one year and you have to have worked 24 hours or more per week for you to qualify for FMLA. There are plenty of employers that aren’t obligated under the law to provide leave. But the writer should definitely take this as a sign to find a better, more compassionate employer.

I have a coworker in the same situation. he told the boss he had to go part time. the boss said "sometimes putting your career before your family is more important". our boss sucks.