By vacationless - 05/02/2013 19:35 - United States - Parkersburg

Today, I finished booking the non-refundable cruise for my wife and I to the Bahamas. I did this after confirming once again that my mother could take care of our son while we're away. An hour after I paid, she called back saying she mistook the dates and can't do it anymore. FML
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Try and see if someone else will do it. the worse they could say is no

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I would feel like she did it on purpose


Try and see if someone else will do it. the worse they could say is no

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I don't think that's the point. I think the point is the mom is a bitch and should do some push-ups or something.

23 - Or she doesn't have all her marbles.

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23- You must have an awful relationship with your mom or something...

I think the worst they could do is murder her son or something. So choose someone you trust :)

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I would feel like she did it on purpose

Yeah I've been guilty.of.that before.sadly. You really want to help but after actually thinking it all of the way through (and sometimes might get you into trouble) and you cancel. Or at least that's my opinion. I'm a Libra so I don't know if that has something to do with it or not. If you give yourself time to think about it after just making a quick decision.

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33- dont say it is a libra thing, that makes me look bad. if i say i am going to do something i do it.

33 - Guess.libras.have.a.tendency.toward.excessive punctuation.too.

#33, no, the time of year you were born has nothing to do with it. Grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. No one likes a flake.

Sabotage! That totally sucks OP. At least you have time to find someone else!

there isn't really another choice, but things like this can really ruin the time looking forward to your vacation.

This isn't jeopardy, your response isn't suppose to be a question

52 - Way to be an a-hole, but I believe she meant it as a suggestion, not a question, in which case she was absolutely correct in using a question mark.

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6.) thumbs up just bc of the picture

19- Thumbs down because of your (non)pic.

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It's his mother not his wife's.

I realize that now. Everyone makes mistakes now and then. Damn you people are rough!

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There has to be someone else who can take of your kid while you're gone. If not, poke some holes in a box and bring it along as your luggage.

Did you just call the OP's kid an "it"? o.O

Did you just call the OP's kid an "it"? o.O

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I was being facetious... which apparently is a primitive thing. Who the hell actually takes this joke literally? O.O

Well is it a boy or a girl? Oops, I said it. I said it again. Aaahh! I can't stop saying it!

~Last I checked, sons are generally girls...~

You can seek another sitter, but like most people you probably felt safe if a relative looked after him, not a stranger. Good luck.

Aaaand there goes your cruise...without you

Pack your bags and take your son with you to your Moms house. Wait until she leaves the room then run out of the house. Call her from the cruise ship and say, "Oh damn Mom, we meant to take Timmy somewhere else and we accidentally left. I'm sorry Mom they can't turn the ship around. Oh shit here come some Somali Pirates gotta go." Problem solved OP. Problem solved.

I like how you think. This is probably how I would have to play it out with my Mum...