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Today, I was working when my boss left briefly, leaving me with her elderly, senile mother. Not only did I have to chase her when she ran after a stranger on the road, I turned my back for 5 seconds to do my actual job and she walked off. When my boss returned, I had to tell her I lost her mother. FML
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By  amelitaliz  |  22

Well, put this down and go help find her!

  sazarra  |  14

I doubt the OP had the option of telling her boss that she "wasn't up for the task". So stop being a judgemental asshole and assuming that the OP has dealt with an elderly senile person before. It sounds like it was an honest mistake. So maybe you shouldn't have kids if you can't be a decent non judgemental person :) (this is in response to what this person had previously commented before they changed their comment)

  amelitaliz  |  22

Isn't that what I did by changing the comment? *Not* being a judgmental asshole?? Don't you think if I felt my comment had been fair and appropriate, I would have left it as is? About that not judging thing you're preaching... As you're judging... Lol. Good times. At least I had a change of heart within the sixty seconds or whatever timeframe it is. You chose to be nasty and decided it was good enough to keep... Best wishes to you and OP.

By  hilamonster06  |  21

You should have told your boss that you dropped her off at the nearest rest home so that the people who's job it actually is the take care of the elderly could have looked after her. If that pissed off your boss then quit, I'm sure you are over qualified for that job anyway.