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Today, I was babysitting my cousin when I realized my aunt didn't tell me where the diapers were. I searched the entire house, but I had no luck. Then my cousin ripped off the diaper she was wearing and peed on the kitchen floor. FML
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ever think of calling the parents to ask?

iAmScrubs 19

It's time to bring in my little friend who I like to call Mr. ShamWow.


lunamoon_fml 0

ever think of calling the parents to ask?

yeah that would have been the responsible thing to do... OP must be like what? 10?

maybe op tried to call but they didn't answer. You can never just assume, never just assume

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Isn't it kinda rude to ask for her money riiight after she died?

gabstahhh 8

Well now you can put the diaper back on.

flockz 19

op do i smell a raise? actually no thats just the smell of all the kid pee you're gonna have to clean up.

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how do u message people on the FML app?

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Gunnar - you can't, but you can always go the official FML website on your phone and use the classic version. It can be a pain though =/. Not sure why the PMing function hasn't been added into the app yet. Its frustrating.

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what does OP mean?? I'm soo confused!!

yeah the kids got the right idea .. you couldn't find a dipper so instead of peeing in the one he has on and having to sit in it, he pees on the floor n sits in a clean dipper .. :)

92 he's saying damn you because you kept the comment string that tells something else then what OP actuallystands for. Examples: Orangutan penis, Ostrich penis, , old penis, and the occasional no penis joke orange penguin.

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ok thanks. and what does YDI mean?

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1: When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.

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ok thanks for not being a jerk about it

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Even if the parent doesn't answer, they should call back within a few minutes. They left their kid with a sitter and should check for messages.

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121 my wife texts me YDI when we have sex it means "You Done Idiot?"

4 - Yes, because 10 year olds are mature enough to babysit toddlers.

ha I so hope that's a joke...... seriously, when you're watching children they shouldn't have enough alone time to pull that off.. if you have multiple children and they are yours that's different.. not when you're babysitting. also OP could have been caring the child while looking for a diaper to prevent this. so wether I assumed or not, it doesn't sound like OP is responsible enough to babysit a toddler.

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aww my cuz dose the same thing

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judging from your spelling, you do that same thing too!

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Be nice to her she's from jersey... so that means, she, as well as the rest of jerseys population, has a third grade reading/spelling level and has trouble comprehending words with more than one syllable... no wrry no mo hard core I got u bak.

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lot of assholes commenting on ur comment 0.o

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Why yes I am an "ass hole."

I respect your comment, but your sideways picture of Nicki Minaj seems to make me unable to take you seriously.

understandable. it's like someone put up a picture of Sarah palin and wanted to be taken seriously

Ferretface 13

Do you mean, "Take this, bitch"?

Nope. She obviously wanted her to take the bitch.

99 you're correcting someone over a little mistake? I can do that to you too. You're suppose to have the question mark inside the quotation marks dumbass. Oh did I forget a comma? Are you going to correct me? It can also be without the comma. I'm not a grammar Nazi but I do know a lot about grammar. It can be a run-on. So 3 was not wrong in the first place. Meow Bitch! (=^_^=)

fthku 13

Not to be an asshole, but shouldn't the question mark be outside the quotations? The question wasn't part of the quotation. Also, *supposed. I'm not a "grammar Nazi", but you calling him a dumbass for no real reason kind of bugs me, as well as doing that while making mistakes of your own.

156 you're not an asshole and I only called him a dumbass to show it can be done without a comma, also the question mark is suppose to be inside the quotation marks. If you don't believe me, then you can google it if you want.

fthku 13

I'm sorry, but you're still wrong. He didn't quote a question, his question was part of his comment. He was correct in typing it outside the quotation.

I know he didn't quote a question. The quotation marks are still not suppose to be at the end of a sentence. It doesn't matter anyway. We all make mistakes and especially grammatic and spelling mistakes. He made one, I made one, and so did sideways Nikki.

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Clean it up with your tongue, tongues are very absorbent.

duct tape solves all the worlds problems

Did you mean to say "sponge," and "sponges?" or was that an attempt at being funny…?

Metal_Chick 15

sounds like you...I mean you probably just...*sigh*

those are called "sponges" , icysnake. be careful of that damn autocorrect! haha.

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julialoves0521 0

was that supposed to be a joke? thats soo stupid

lmaoatall 6

the kids got the right idea.. instead of peeing in dipper and having to sit in it .. he pees on floor and puts clean dipper back on

ReynshineCutting 10

Why have you spelled the word diaper "dipper" three times now? It's even spelled out in the fml.

lulututu 4

I only counted two dippers?

haha i didn't realize that .. my phone spell checked it to dipper I guess

So in addition to typing it on here you decided to say it as well? Reading fml's don't cause me to verbalize but hey to each his own I guess.

Just use a kitchen towel OP ! haha I hope you find the diapers OP. Good luck ! (:

iAmScrubs 19

It's time to bring in my little friend who I like to call Mr. ShamWow.

i dont think OP wants to clean up hooker blood...

Good idea! The ShamWow guy's face could definitely help clean up a little kid's puddle of piss!

sourgirl101 28

14 I don't know if everyone will understand your joke, but I do. Lol

Lightninglord 0

14 - LMFAO! Black Guy: "A hooker tried to bite your tongue off?!?" ShamWOW guy: "Let's talk knives..." Rofl classic, :P

just wait untill the parents come home and say " she spilled applejuice." after she cleans it up, wait untill nightime and take it out of the trashcan an wring it out on her face.

10 I can't tell you how many things are wrong/illogical with that comment.

10 that is not an obvious thing to do so I don't know why you have a username that is irrelevant to your comments. If you're going to something about mine, yes it's Mr.sassypants and I am sassy and so are my pants. 8)

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wow man. that's terrible. please re-think that. I don't mean to be rude, but your comment is just illogical and very wrong.

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Yep, my nephew did that too. Lol