By khaelian - 11/11/2010 16:53 - United States

Today, the highlight of my day was that the gas station I work at finally got a new mop head. FML
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Well, get off the computer and swab the deck, matey! Arrr!


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he probably has no other option idk maybe

Sounds like the 'kramer'-guy in UHF, the Vidiot! My MOP!!!

Rule of Internet 293: If you ask for a win, you usually don't get one.

Exactly what I say to everyone who is obsessed with bloody black ops. I feel obliged to buy it 'cause I don't know what anybody is talking about:L

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IMHO, Black Ops is a pretty good game.

I know it probably is, but there is more to life than it. People I know don't seem to realise that lol

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There's a museum with fake boobs and testicles. Whatever you fancy.

lmao.. I think YOU didint understand HIS comment?? I really lol'd

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Get over it. It's just one day. Unless, of course, you do not have a life.

I think that was op point that his/her life is based on gas stations and mops

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Sounds like you are a good worker. Sometimes, days are uneventful. So, mopping up is GOOD.

Especially if it was the new Mopamatic 3000. Fully awesome, OP. Truthfully, when you have a crappy job, anything that makes it a little less crappy is a reason to be happy. I was gwnuinely joyous when my office upgraded Windows. Celebrate without shame while you surf the job search sites.