By youredisgusting - 03/10/2014 07:00 - United States - Merced

Today, my roommate yelled at me yet again for using the dishwasher because it's "unsanitary." This is all while a mountain of her dishes were going mouldy in the sink. FML
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There is no cure for stupidity

Fucking hypocrites


There is no cure for stupidity

The dishwasher can't wash that away

Tell him/her to piss off. I can't stand when my roomies don't clean after themselves.

JMichael 25

Oh but there is..

I've heard that a brick (or any other suitably solid object) to the head works well as a cure... Note: May need to be applied repeatedly to cure stubborn cases. Side effect may include a large bloody mess and jail time.

Fucking hypocrites

This is what happens when people try to be nice!

redheadedmonster 24

Seriously?!?! There's just no common sense left in the world. *sigh*

Well there is.... It's just that those with common sense must suffer those who lack it.

hypocrisy at its finest...

How the hell is a dishwasher unsanitary?

If you don't clean it through once a month than it can become unsanitary from all the food bacterias that can get trapped. But other then that it sounds like OP's roommate just has no common sense.

That's disgusting. Tell her that she's the unsanitary one. I would throw out all her dishes if I were you.

Problem is if you throw out her dishes, she'd probably use everyone else's dishes and do the same thing.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

Move all her moldy dishes to her room then.

killerdana 19

I did that to my brother once, I came home to find the dirty dishes on my bed instead

llamarrama01 21

Just keep your dishes Esperanto and don't let her use the ones you clean

How do you keep dishes Esperanto?

llamarrama01 21

Autocorrect xD

But what was your original word meant to be?!

orbit 22

Separate maybe?

Don't you know, OP? Those awful washing machines use this terrible substance all filled with chemicals. It's called, "soap." Ew!