By thatshelpful - 02/07/2015 04:16 - United States - Council Bluffs

Today, after replacing several components on my new used car, I realized that the reason it wasn't getting the gas mileage it was supposed to because my coworkers take turns siphoning my gas while I work. FML
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Get a video of that and take that straight to the cops! (:

roys1girl 18


Get a video of that and take that straight to the cops! (:

wow.. isn't that illegal? you should go to the police and confront them.

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So you would be ok with others siphoning gas (which you paid for with your own hard-earned money) from your car? I'll keep that in mind next time I need gas.

Because it's theft, #74, which happens to be illegal.

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Maybe the OP caught them in the act?

It's a used car, and maybe OP checks the tank when they arrive at work and when they leave?

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OP thought it was a faulty parts (i.e. oil filter) that was causing his poor gas milage. After replacing them and still having this issue he found out or someone filled him in on what was happening.

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The only reason I'm voting you down is because you've capitalized the joke. I would've voted up, otherwise.

I'm downvoting you because of your see-yourself-out comment. Own that terrible wordplay!

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I'm pretty sure that can cause damage to the car

That's the point. Since op likes blindly throwing parts at a car instead of diagnosing the issue. This will allow them to continue doing so.

Blindly? They replaced some things. Maybe those things needed to be replaced anyway. When someone wonders about their gas mileage, coworkers siphoning gas isn't usually the first guess.

No but its pretty simple to see if you actually have bad gas milage. 1. fill your tank 2. drive for however many miles per gallon you should be getting on highway. 3. fill the tank back up You'll be able to tell if something needs replacing if you're way off the estimate. And doubtful as they only replaced the parts becuase they thought they were getting bad gas mileage.

#30 - There is so much naivete in that statement that it made my head hurt.

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If you have any hard evidence take that to the police. hopefully you can get the money it took to get the parts replaced and then some from those asshats.

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Time for several. one for OP's car, and one for each of the coworker's cars.

I hope you turn them in. that's some bullshit