By Anonymous - 29/04/2016 17:11 - United States - Ames

Today, the highlight of my whole month was finally being able to take a solid crap. FML
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It's the small moments in life that really count...



Sounds like you could have had a shittier month...

"Best comments!" > One of them has a negative ranking.

Sounds like your day was crappy..

RedPillSucks 31

sigh... given your user name, I expected "shit happens". that would have been a better comment that what you chose to write.


It's the small moments in life that really count...

JMichael 25

Exactly! Some people get really excited abojt things like this.

Or, large moments. If it's been a while and things get backed up...

Love how the two top voted comments on this FML are the most down voted at the moment

The ability to defecate well is unparalleled. I hope your days get better, OP

As someone who had their gallbladder removed recently, I can definitely relate to this...

RedCronos 17

it was that time of the month

As someone who has IBS, congratulations!

ericanicole1 12

Well you do live in Iowa

That doesn't even make sense...