By wowzers0889 / Saturday 28 April 2012 21:21 / United States - New York
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  dav3800  |  7

But Canada has barely any problems, whereas the USA, they have many problems, including: obesity, debts, economical growth, so on and so forth.

  plaguer  |  26

It wasn't exactly a smart move on OP's part to spring into action without checking. His boss gave him everything he needed for /the job/. The boss isn't the driver, why should he keep track of how much gas the employees have/use?

  greenwich1945  |  13

Sure, his boss may have assured him that everything was in the truck, but he should still have checked before he left. I work in a coffee shop and we have to count milk bottles. Sometimes my boss takes one out to make sure we're counting.

  llamafish  |  25

When the boss said everything OP would need was in the truck, I think it was assumed that "everything" included the gas card. Not the gas, but the gas card.

  twilight_lupus  |  13

Gas cards are given to employees for company use. It is the employees responsibility to make sure they have it with them. Just like it is the employees responsibility to check and maintain gas levels in the company vehicle when on the job not the bosses. When OP's boss said everything they needed for the job was in the truck the boss meant all the equipment and supplies needed for the job not the amount of gas or the gas card. It is the OP's fault for not checking the gas level.

  texashater75  |  16

This is totally OP's fault. The boss was talking about all the parts needed to do the job were included in the truck. I'm sure the boss assumed the employee was smart enough to know that a normal part of driving a vehicle is to monitor the fuel level. It sounds like the OP must be pretty stupid to not check the fuel level.

  texashater75  |  16

I'm suppressed that the OP actually got in the truck to drive. With the OP's logic I'm surprised he didn't just assume he must already be in the truck since the boss told him everything needed for the job was already in the truck.

  tjv3  |  10

It is your fault . Trucks have a gas gauge and they tell you how much gas is in the vehicle. Your boss said everything you need was in the truck . He was talking about tools he probably thought that you had enough common sense to check the gas gauge and add gas as needed. It's your fault for not checking and for not having your gas card. Take some responsibility OP

By  t765234  |  10

Everything you need for the delivery, at least I assume, was in the truck, but he may not have said he filled up the tank or if he checked the gas in the truck already. If that is the case, it wasn't totally his fault.

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