By Anonymous - 03/08/2010 06:17 - United Kingdom

Today, I start work in an office, with my mother. FML
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penny_darling 0

Boo hoo. I would actually really like to work with my mom.


Well actually my mom was petty awesome so I wouldn't mind working with her, but saying that it's an FML I take it that's not the case.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Probably couldn't get another job elsewhere.

FFML_314 11

'best ******* friends forever?'

peter_saurusREX 0

Time for a little daughter and mother bonding eh? :D Its no big deal...This proves u dont love ur mom as much cause ur making a big deal out of it and putting it on FML /:

Kaycieeee 0

if you hate it THAT bad, why did you apply there?

nabo4u 0

unless you work alongside you mom at a brothel, it's not such a big deal

it's not that bad you could have to work in an office with every ex you've ever had. that would suck more

BabyDacey 0

I love my mom, you guys suck<3

buttshapedfruit 0

at least you have a job stop bitchin and get da **** ovr it. this isn't even a fml.

ohthebloodygore 16

It's not that bad working with your mum and if it is why not quit? Better question, why'd you apply in the first place knowing your mother worked there? Be happy you do have a job.

buttshapedfruit 0

wow why did my comment get moderated? all u said was he needs to stop bitching bc at least he has a job and this isn't even an fml. stupid moderators -______-

atomicwedgie4u 0

money is money so suck it up Nancy.

dancer81 0

right now I'm on my lunch break reading fmls at my moms office at a dentistry. it's my summer job

stop bitchin. a job is a job. at least you have one compared to those thousands that don't.

YDI for starting work in an office, with your mother.

YDI for working outside of your kitchen

kay96 0

Get a new job if its that bad.

all of you saying, "get a new job" and "why are you working with her?"--have you seen the unemployment stats? op's lucky to have a job at all, although I do agree that her life is f'ed.

fail_win_fail 0

I am doing that too.. except my moms the boss and I get to leave whenever I want :) but I do the bitch work...

losisdope 0

at least it's not your mother in lawwww

ohthebloodygore 16

123- Stats in England or America? Because they're different.

psuboy 0

56 and 120 made me laugh haha

OP: "mum!! I'm hungry!!! make me a sammich for lunch!!" Mum: "didn't you bring a lunch?!" OP: "**** that! I HAVE YOU MOMMYY!!!" the end.(:

twinny_sc 13

Maybe OP's mom didn't work there when she applied there, it could be OP's mom's first day as well.

ninjanate 0

I wish brothels were legal. :/. jk. or not. mysteries.

Omg! I work with my mom!!! My life is ******!!! Suck it up, princess.

turtlemansam 6

or make more money than her and shuff it in her face

I've had to do it before. Ouch is correct.

SupxD 0

sux...(hey baby can u give me that stack of papers) (laughter) that's ur mom making ur life mossarable

changetheworld 0

heyy, **** that. i love my mom hahah.

ROFL I moderated this! I felt so bad reading it =(

FFML_314 11

You are way to sensitive. BTW, here's a cookie for your contribution to this website.

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lickmyjock 0

Lolz from far you look like Justin Beiber. not as an insult tho.

lickmyjock 0

everything involving justin beiber should be an insult!

hockeyplayer82 0

ya being called Justin beiber is an insult no matter what you say

I know right? Justin bieber should go die in a shitty shitty hole.

that's not so bad I work with my mom n she hooks me up with whatever I need and keeps my record clean even if it shouldn't be lol this could b a good thing

Yeah, try to see it as an advantage, if you can. Some daring guys might ask you out on a mother-daughter date, and all FMLs that ensue will be hilarious for US to read! That is, if they are funnier than this one.

if your over 21 then that's sad but if you're younger than it's normal for parents to get their kids jobs.

Bees_fml 0

If you're over 21 (by which I mean 10), you should know how to spell.

ImSoBaKed 0

So, get over it. Tell her to mind her own business and that at work, your colleagues, and at home your son/daughter and mother!

penny_darling 0

Boo hoo. I would actually really like to work with my mom.