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It's not that bad working with your mum and if it is why not quit? Better question, why'd you apply in the first place knowing your mother worked there? Be happy you do have a job.

  marcranger  |  28

all of you saying, "get a new job" and "why are you working with her?"--have you seen the unemployment stats? op's lucky to have a job at all, although I do agree that her life is f'ed.

By  De3z  |  0

that's not so bad I work with my mom n she hooks me up with whatever I need and keeps my record clean even if it shouldn't be lol this could b a good thing

  starile  |  19

Yeah, try to see it as an advantage, if you can. Some daring guys might ask you out on a mother-daughter date, and all FMLs that ensue will be hilarious for US to read!

That is, if they are funnier than this one.