By Anonymous - 15/10/2010 22:52 - United States

Today, my mother gave me an early Christmas present; a Bissell mop so I can "do a better job" when I "clean her floors". FML
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aliaysleighbasic 0

get her some laundry detergent and an iron and give her the same crap reasoning back about taking care of your clothes... people don't like it when the tables are turned back at em.

you're lucky you have floors to mop.


aidanawesome 0


She's getting ready to retire. Hope you can make good sammies!

Lainett 0

do you enjoy cleaning maybe? if not fyl haha

You got a Christmas gift way before Christmas that will make your job quicker and easier and leave you with more free time, and you're complaining.

FunnyWeasel 7

oh no she didn't!

fritz2 0

I'm first haha gg chap

fritz2 0

I'm first haha gg chap

mesnugglez 0

At least you get presents =[

Doing chores actually prevents breast cancer. The more you know..

zerobahamut03 2

You crazy?! It's a Bissel Mop! No fml here. Clean her floors better, ydi for not being thorough.

yeah and she said you live in "her house"

u get Christmas presents in the middle of October D: luckyyy

the_flirtt 0

maybe it was a hint ?

MissErikaHart 0

bissell? I thought the made vacuums..? some people have all the luck

xVictoriaDreamz 0

lol wow that's messed up.. but I admit I laughed D:

bryan4595 0

yeah your moms right now you cab finally clean her floors like a real woman should

ballwiz24 0

"clean her floors" OP? I think you meant "clean MY floors"

Go tell your mom that it's not your job to clean her floors.

Well, apparently it is her job.

hatemyluck 15

I think op meant that her mom got herself a Christmas gift and just said it was op's so that her mom doesn't need to get another gift. That's all I can guess other than op is a bad cleaner.

Lmao! Look forward to your birthday when you will be getting a steam cleaner to do her carpets haha

deebo77 0


lol what I read was "FML, my parents gave me something for Christmas..."

twinny_sc 13

Aww how sweet of her. She bought your present early, and couldn't wait to see the look on your face when you got it!

better get started on those floors

you're lucky you have floors to mop.